One Direction to Delight Aussie Fans Again in 2015

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The ubiquitous boys of popular British band One Direction have announced that they will be launching their 2015 tour in Sydney, Australia. Much to the delight of fangirls in the land down under, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis will bring not only their perfectly coiffed hair but hit songs like What Makes You Beautiful and Live While We’re Young. The tour is originally and aptly named On The Road Again and will visit four Australian cities in the month of February. No doubt the ravenous Aussie fans will be delighted to host and possibly stalk the One Direction band members once again in 2015.

The band visited Australia late last year for their Take Me Home tour and riveted fans from all over the continent. There were a few problems, however, as fans took the hero-worship to new heights in attempts to follow the band, spawning a high-speed chase. Allegedly, the band’s five car entourage ran through three red lights while being pursued by fans in the city of Perth, prompting the West Australian Police Commissioner Nick Anticich to reaffirm the rule of law and order. He said that whether the boys were one of the most popular bands on earth or not, breaking road rules would still land them in court. The band’s management denied that they broke the rules and according to them, the convoy stopped at a petrol station in order to talk to fans about safety.

That was the most dramatic event of One Direction’s Australian tour, other than getting mobbed at every airport they were at and the creepy turn of events in which someone broke into Liam Payne’s hotel room and stole a pair of his underwear. Perhaps because of the well-deserved reputation of over-the-top adoration that Aussie fans have, One Direction has beefed up their security contingent by hiring 200 security guards for their February 2015 stint of again delighting crowds. Apparently, the band’s entourage is already quite large with reports coming in that their following was bigger than United States President Barack Obama’s during their time in South America. No doubt they will keep up that trend and beat Obama’s numbers again on their trip to Australia.

The British boy band has a full schedule ahead of them and not just on stage. Apparently, the boys will grace the silver screen once again, this time as cartoon characters. Following in the footsteps of their legendary predecessors, The Beatles, One Direction will have their own modern-day version of Yellow Submarine. Simon Cowell, the music industry kingmaker who helped launch the band to stardom, announced that his company Syco will partner up with Animal Logic Entertainment over the cartoon movie. The boys are going to do it up properly by voicing the cartoon versions of themselves and giving supporters the opportunity to hear their silvery voices sing their most popular songs as well as new ones specifically written for the film.

Success for One Direction has been huge and full of worldwide adulation, but it has also had its monetary perks. According to Britain’s The Sunday Times they are the richest boy band in the history of British music. According to the 2014 Young Music Rich List, the boys are all tied with each other for fourth place on the list of under 30 earners. They came in behind the ever-popular Adele, who topped the list at a whopping $45 million. The number put on the boys was a cool $14 million each.

As one of the richest and most popular boy bands in the world, One Direction will be a welcome guest in Australia just as they were back in 2013. Fans may lament that they will not get the chance to see them this year, but it is expected that tickets will be in high demand when they go on sale for next year. Accordingly, general admission tickets will be available from  four in the afternoon on May 31, but Telstra will have a special pre-sale opportunity for only 48 hours starting at noon on May 29 open only to its customers. Young Aussie fans only have about two weeks to convince their parents to get in on the buying frenzy and One Direction has little less than a year to gear up for their 2015 tour of delight.

By Lydia Bradbury

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