PayPal Executive Leaves Company After Rude Posts on Twitter


PayPal executive Rakesh Agrawal leaves the company after making rude posts on Twitter, and has been forced to resign from his position at the company as director of strategy. After having bought a new cellphone, Rakesh was supposedly unaware that his posts were made public; but company management suspects that he had also been drinking at the time when the posts were uploaded, having been at New Orleans’ Jazz Fest for four days.

Targeting high-level coworkers, now former executive Agrawal sent out a tweet slamming Christina Smedly, PayPal’s vice president of global communications, calling her a “useless piece of s***” and a “useless middle manager.” He exploded in such a way that it led to his forced resignation from the company. In other tweets sent out, he stated his opinion that other high-level coworkers should be immediately fired from PayPal.

Since posting the rude comments directed at fellow employees, Agrawal has deleted some posts, yet completely disregarding company anger. He initially stated that he would explain the issue in the very near future. A few days after the incident had passed before he decided to explain the issue to members of the company.

In turn, the former executive blamed the release of his rude posts on his new Android smartphone’s supposedly faulty keyboard, mentioning that he had also not been getting enough sleep during the past few nights. According to Agrawal, these were not meant to be sent out to everyone, but instead meant to be privately sent in a direct message to a close colleague.

Nevertheless, stating the company’s zero tolerance policy for Agrawal’s rude posts and overall rude behavior, PayPal has forced the executive to resign, stating with a tweet: “Treat everyone with respect. No excuses. PayPal has zero tolerance.” The company also states that Agrawal has been let go from PayPal following this message. However, the former executive states that he was not fired, but leaves prior to the rude posts he made on Twitter.

This past Saturday, Agrawal responded to PayPal’s tweet, stating the factual correctness of his posts, despite the posts having been very misleading. Claiming to have already left the company prior to his long rant, he sent out digital copies of his letter of resignation to prove that he had not been fired. It is still unclear if Agrawal was forced to resign from his executive position after the posts were made or if he truly had left prior to the posts on Twitter.

The former PayPal executive who sent out the rude Twitter posts is now working on his next upcoming project, which he states will “change the world.” However, as he leaves the company, he has not released what that project actually is. In a post that vents his feelings towards PayPal, he mentions his current project, also sending out bizarre tweets which asked for possible investors who might be interested in his project. In contrast, Agrawal states that he does not really need them in any case. After his posts subsequently managed to fail in trying to attract investors, investors are not amused and are unimpressed by his rude tweeting actions.

By Scott Gaudinier

New York Post
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