Pets Can Rescue Families [video]

petsThe affection and intimacy pets offer can rescue families who are burdened with stress or trauma. Stories of animal cruelty are seen too much, but stories of animal’s love rehabilitating hurting people are often left out in the draw for sensationalism. New evidence is emerging that animals and people can communicate, and even without making this connection, the empathetic relationship made with a animal can help ease violent emotions and support a calmer perspective.

Although it is important to ensure families understand each pet’s needs and can properly care for them, this is often made out to be more of a burden than it is. The cost of food and other necessities pale in comparison to the wealth of love a connection with pets bring. This is why cats and dogs have been introduced as rehabilitating agents of love in America’s prisons. The most mentally ill or violent criminals who have not been reached by therapy, punishment, or medication have shown amazing progress when entrusted with a pet.

Part of the reason pets offer this breakthrough, is because much of people’s anxiety is a result of the mind running out of control. Caring for pets quiets the raging mind, and pulls a person into their body. Each in their own unique way, pets help people become more aware of their body and their feelings. For instance, romping with a playful dog can help an adult reconnect with their inner child, and in that moment of connection the baggage that had been keeping them from joyful acceptance is dropped. Relating with a bunny is much different.

Dogs are extroverts by nature  because they are predators. Bunnies are introverts being that they are prey animals. To be a friend for a bunny means connecting with gentleness, patience, and to be an observer. Bunnies have intelligence of their own, and personalities just as complex as dogs and cats. Rescuing a bunny can add unexpected joy and simplicity for a family. Rabbits are always in need of adoption. Living an average of ten years, they require a commitment just like a dog or cat. However, their cuteness as babies around Easter often make them the object of a child’s flighty desire. This leads to thousands of bunnies being abandoned every year.

A group of baby bunnies is called a “fluffy.” When bunnies grow up they are still fluffy, but also independently minded creatures, and thousands are killed every year due to being abandoned. A good rule of thumb for anyone considering pets is to think of the animal as if preparing to adopt a child. This is the commitment appropriate to the choice. Many people feel absolved of guilt for abandoning a pet because they could not connect with it. This is especially true for bunnies. To get to know a bunny, long-term quiet observation is required, and a fundamental belief that the choices and feelings of the bunny are valid. Just because a rabbit is not as overt as a cat or dog in their preferences does not mean they do not have them.

Great animal cruelty has been perpetrated because some people believe animals do not feel pain, or any other emotion, as powerfully as humans do. This belief is held because people do not see evidence to the contrary. The evidence that animals feel and perceive powerfully is there, but it takes different sensors to grasp it. Animal communicators have been around for some time, but until recently have not appeared legitimate enough to garner much credibility.

A viral video, The Animal Communicator – Spirit and Anna Breytenbach, has shattered the doubts of many who disbelieved in the credible sentience of animals.  Anna Breytenbach is an animal communicator based out of Western Cape, South Africa. She travels the world to help heal the connection between animals and humans. Her actions prove that people can connect with their intuition and engage in meaningful dialogue with animals. This requires remembering how to perceive subtle messages from those who share space with us. Much of animal communication occurs in the subtle realm, and once it is opened up to it is not that difficult to access. It is simply the belief that no such connection is possible that makes it so.

Anna works with the Panther, Diablo, and the sanctuary-keepers in this video. Her compassion unlocks potential, and encourages new roads to healing. Many families are in need of rescuing, and connecting with pets can help them feel more at home on the planet.

Opinion and Photo by Grace Pollari

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