Pharrell Keeping People ‘Happy’ as Song Continues to Top Charts [VIDEO]

 Pharrell Keeping People 'Happy' as Song Continues to Top Charts

Music sensation Pharrell just keeps on keeping people happy week after week. His summer, then fall, then winter, and now spring mega hit Happy has been sitting up on the top music charts for months now. By the look of it, the song has tremendous staying power with no signs of it dropping out of the top position on the chart anytime soon.

The Billboard Hot 100 chart has been staying quite Happy lately as well, as Pharrell’s hit continues to dominate it, sticking around comfortably in its number one spot for the tenth week in a row this week. Happy, which originally appeared in last summer’s Dreamworks animated hit, Despicable Me 2, has received a massive amount of downloads, purchases, radio play, and almost 215 million views on YouTube since its release. People have taken to Pharrell’s song and video so much that they even worked together to create an “International Day of Happiness” earlier this year on March 20. On that day, people all around the world who have fallen in love with the song and the positive message behind it decided to use Pharrell’s original video as an inspiration to make a 24-hour long Happy video, which featured the song on loop, and showed video footage of people in every country celebrating happiness in their own ways.

The popularity of the song and video, combined with the fact that the song has actually gone global and resonated with people on the other side of the world, only confirms what just makes sense: people like to be happy. Further, listening to this particular song is keeping people that way. However, it is so rare that a song comes along that pushes people to see the positivity in everything in life that when Pharrell’s song hit the radios and people heard it for the first time, they were amazed by the concept of it. It was just full of good-mood, high-energy, feel-happy beats and lyrics, something that is not very common or often heard in music anymore. That is what may have made it such an international super-hit and it still continues to top the charts.

Pharrell appeared on Oprah a few days ago to discuss the magnitude of his song and the impact that it has had on people’s lives. The star ended up breaking down in tears on the show while talking with the host as a result of how touched he was by the world’s response to his music and also shocked that it had become such a hit that still continues to top the charts. Pharrell has been singing and writing music over the span of a two decades, but has never had a hit that came anywhere close to Happy. The singer seems to be enjoying the success of his music, and the knowledge that this song has the power to do a lot of good. This song is one of the few times people have seen a piece of positive music like this unite different countries in a common goal of world happiness, as people saw on International Happiness Day. However, what Happy really is is just a purely-accidental massive hit that is putting people in great moods, and does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

Opinion By Laura Clark



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