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Nintendo Gamecube Controller Adapter for new Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo may have finally acknowledged the competitive scene behind one of their most famous titles, Super Smash Bros. It is not new news to hear that the community behind Super Smash Bros. Melee has been growing rapidly the last few years; they even have a documentary (episode one below). Nintendo has just announced that the Wii U will have an adapter that allows players to hook up Gamecube controllers.

This is a big step for the fighting game community. For those that are unaware, the layout of a Nintendo Gamecube controller is pretty unusual compared to other gaming controllers and skilled Melee players have been practicing on it for years. Suddenly switching to a new controller after so much time would simply destroy certain gamers. For people that haven’t spent as much time with the controller it may not seem like such a big deal, but for all the serious Melee players, this is one of the best things Nintendo could announce.

Such news does bring about a number of questions however. Will wireless Gamecube controllers work? Will other games such as the upcoming (tomorrow) Mario Kart 8 be able to use this adapter as well? Unfortunately, Nintendo has gone on record to say, “no other details at this time” which is to say they have more information they are not ready to reveal yet; E3 maybe?

Gamecube controllers for new smash

During E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) this year, Nintendo is revealing the new Super Smash Bros. game through the means of a tournament. This tournament will give players the opportunity to play the Wii U version of the next Smash title before it releases in the Winter. Nintendo has also invited specific individuals to host, commentate, and participate. With so many serious competitors looking to tackle the tournament, Nintendo has the perfect opportunity to advertise the Gamecube Controller Adapter as well as allow players to use it first hand.

Keep in mind, this tournament will not operate like an ordinary Smash Bros tournament. Nintendo has long called Smash a party game while the community has grown to see it as a fighting game. Ordinarily, a tournament would consist on one-on-one or two-on-two matches, but not here. This tournament will consist of four player free-for-all matches with the top two players advancing. Also contrary to normal tournaments, items will be on for all matches except for grand finals, which will be a one-on-one fight on Battlefield. The date is already close; June 10. Here is the trailer.

If you are a serious Super Smash Bros. player of any iteration, whether that be Melee, Brawl, 64, or Project M, you probably have a specific controller layout that is your favorite. It no longer looks as though the next Smash game will have the controller problems previously predicted. The new Gamecube Controller Adapter has yet to be priced, but more information will likely become available at E3 in June. It is refreshing to see Nintendo not only allow a Smash tournament to be streamed, but to host it with the newest game and the new Gamecube Controller Adapter.

By Garrett Jutte

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