Poppy Delevinge Instagram Ban at Wedding a Good Idea?

Poppy DelevingePoppy Delevinge has placed an Instagram ban at her wedding day, but is it really a good idea? It certainly seems like it could be for her, but it depends on how far this ban will go. Is this going to be something that affects her guests? It turns out it will, as guests will be banned from taking photos.

She is not the first celebrity to put this type of ban on her guests. The power couple, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has also decided to ban their guests from taking photos. They’re instilling a rule that all guests will need to hand their phones in on arrival, and will need to go to a designated spot if they decide to make phone calls.

The initial idea behind the Instragram ban is good. It means that Delevinge and her husband-to-be can concentrate on enjoying their day. There is little chance of friends taking candid shots that make them look awful, and then sharing those shots on social media for everyone to see. There is also the ability to prevent fans from seeing shots that the couple would rather keep private.

Part of the ban will also be for the exclusive for a glossy spread. Porter is getting an exclusive to the wedding and it cannot be exclusive if lots of friends and family members are taking their own photos. To remember the day, they will each be given a bag full of treats.

The issue is that the Delevinge Instagram ban at her wedding may not be a good idea for everyone. There will be guests who simply want their own photos, and would like to take some candid shots of other things happening. They may even see something that they want to remember, and a quick photo on the iPhone is the best way to do that. While it is a social media ban, it is going to be difficult to make sure friends do not take photos and post them later, so it is likely that a full photo ban is in place.

Photo bans also lead to people missing out on some of the great, in the moment shots. There are times that the photographers will not get the moments that others do, and there are moments that do not even involve the bride and groom. These are moments that the wedding couple will want to take home with them, or see on their friends’ social media profiles at a later date.

For those who want to avoid the unflattering photos, there is the option to ask friends to think twice about posting something. There is also the option to request friends do not tag the couple into photos until asked. This can limit some of the embarrassing moments for those who are really bothered by those moments.

Some brides love the chance to see photos on Facebook and Instagram the next day. They want the chance to see photos of their wedding dress while they are going to their honeymoon.

The idea of a full ban is not possible for a lot of weddings. However, celebrities need to think about privacy and exclusivity for magazine spreads. That does not mean Delevinge’s Instagram ban is a good one, but it is certainly understandable.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Telegraph

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