Rihanna Nude Pictures Rejected by Instagram

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Rihanna has done it again. She has found a way to capture the spotlight without an album on the shelves. She has been seen earlier this month posing for some rather racy photos, and her pictures were rejected by Instagram. She appeared to be nude, but the photos were from the back. That is widely acceptable to most magazine companies in the United States. However, if anything else is shown one would have to forward those photos to Playboy or Hustler Magazine. As much as the United States “advertises” sex, it is not acceptable to be depicted on a magazine cover in any fashion.

Of course, no one expressed surprise that Rih-Rih chose to go against the grain and be completely exposed. The only surprise is the reaction it got. Rihanna posed for a French magazine, LUI, and she decided to give her Navy the exclusive. She took to her favorite social networking site Instagram to offer her 12 million+ followers the goods. The problem with her delivering the goods to IG is that it violates their code of conduct. Instagram’s rule of thumb is if one will not show this picture to a child, boss, or parents it probably should not be shared at all.

When Rih shared the photos on the popular social networking site she was advised by Instagram that she violated the rules. The beauty had to be relatively baffled by IG informing her to take those pictures down. Violating their code of content rules can result in having one’s page snatched down. It seems as if they got firm all of a sudden. Their strict ban on nudity and partial nudity was never enforced on her other pictures. Nevertheless, she did not worry about a thing. She found some way around it. The cover picture depicts her topless, sporting swimsuit bottoms and a bucket hat. Rih simply cropped that photo and re-posted it. She used that teaser picture to re-direct everyone to her twitter for the exclusives.

The Instagram caption: “My new Cover…. Go to TWITTER to see it! #LUI”

Her Navy fell in line and reported promptly to Twitter to see the topless, bottomless, nude pictures. The cover picture got 11.4 thousand re-tweets, and 14.5 thousand favorites. It was evident that Twitter’s flexible rules best fitted the sexy R&B songstress. Twitter does not exactly have rules against nudity; they just make recommendations that it be marked as “sensitive content.” This site does not mandate content whether it is image or text. Therefore, there was not anything to stop Rihanna from posting the entire X-rated photo-shoot, which she did.

All of the Rihanna photos fall under the same hashtag and caption with slight variations of “Lui #Sorrenti. ”


Although, Rih-Rih ended up taking her talents to Twitter she still has much love for Instagram. She did not take Instagram’s response to her photos personally. Rihanna wasted no time jumping on Instagram to post a meme that said “Rih’s Next Magazine Cover If It Was Up To Instagram.” The picture has her face photoshopped on a picture of a heavyset woman in a church suit. The caption below the picture was a sad face. Nevertheless, many of her fans found it hilarious, and liked it more than her nude pics. It got 238,747 likes on IG. In the grand scheme of things, this situation was a win – win for Rih, despite the initial rejection from Instagram.



By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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