Rosemary’s Baby TV Show—Top Shocking Facts


The Rosemary’s Baby TV show miniseries adapted from the novel of the same name debuted on Sunday night, and while it didn’t do so well in the ratings, there are some viewers who are eagerly awaiting the second and final part of this adaptation on Thursday night. Here, we take a look at the top little-known and shocking facts about the timeless story that has captured imaginations for nearly 50 years. With the beautiful and talented Zoe Saldana in the title role, the show is sure to bring a lot of intrigue and entertainment value to fans of the story as well as Saldana’s fans, but there are some intriguing facts we were surprised to find out.

Many people believe the TV show will be “cursed.”—After director Roman Polanksi adapted the Ira Levin novel of the same name back in 1968, Polanski’s wife, Sharon Tate, was brutally murdered by members of Charles Manson’s cult. This led many to speculate that Polanski’s involvement with supernatural subject matter was to blame for what happened to Tate due to a “curse” on the film. Now, some are saying the same could happen to the show. Of course, since there is no evidence that curses even exist, it is very unlikely to impossible that this is a legitimate concern.

The director and actors were very opposed to remaking the 1968 film—Both the director of the television miniseries and Saldana say that they were dead-set against remaking the Polanksi film; a decision that many critics are questioning now that the first night of the series opened to poor reviews. Instead, the director wanted to base the miniseries more on the Levin novel and retell it in a fresh way.

The miniseries contains far more blood and sex than the either the movie or the novel—this is probably a sign of times more than anything else, as audiences have come to expect a lot of gore and sexual situations in entertainment media, but it should make for an interesting Rosemary’s Baby TV show.

Zoe Seldana is terrified of horror movies that feature Satan and/or demons—Saldana told Time Magazine that while she was growing up she was completely horrified by films about demons. Maybe starring in Rosemary’s Baby will give her the opportunity to work through some of her fears.

The women’s lib movement may be responsible for the terrible reviews the miniseries is receiving.—According to a reviewer for USA today, Saldana’s Rosemary is much too independent and strong. That makes the miniseries boring as compared to the innocence and subservience Mia Farrow embodied in the 1968 film with her portrayal of Rosemary.

The whole “I got raped by Satan and now I’m having his baby” angle might be all in Rosemary’s head in the TV show—Director Agnieszka Holland told the New York Times that the whole story might only be happening in Rosemary’s head. That could certainly account for the lackluster reviews that the series has been generating. After all, a make believe story about a make believe story is never as exciting as the alternative.

It seems as though there are some shocking facts about the new TV show Rosemary’s Baby, and most of them stem from the story being set in modern times with modern sensibilities about women and pregnancy. A strong, willful Rosemary, as Saldana describes her, is nowhere near as terrifying as a weak, confused Rosemary say the critics. According to the reviewers, it would have been better to let the classic remain the classic because it was perfect the way it was. The second and final installment of Rosemary’s Baby can be seen on Thursday April 15 on NBC.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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