Scientists Discover Possible Existence of Cancer Stem Cells in Humans

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Scientists Discover Possible Existence of Cancer Stem Cells in Humans

Scientists have discovered possible evidence that there is existence of cancer stem cells in human beings. This is a find which may put an end to decades of scientific debate and lay the way for better cancer treatments which might attack the disease at the root.

Researchers located at Oxford University stated that they have found an extremely important  medical issue in the understanding of how cancers develop and the best way to treat them. The presence of cancer stem cells, which are mutated stem cells that are to blame for the growth and development of cancers, had been theorized for years, and their existence inside of mice was proven about two years ago.

However if they were also behind the growth of cancers in humans remained a controversy. Yet in a new research study printed up in the medical journal Cancer Cell, scientists explained that they had traced gene mutations accountable for a form of blood cancer all the way back to a distinctive set of cells which they state were at the very root of the cancer’s spread.

Specialists are considering that the idea of cancer stem cells might be of pronounced importance for future treatments. It proposes that at the root of any type of cancer are a set of cells that are to blame for its development. In theory, if treatments could be created to precisely target these certain cells, then the cancer could be wiped out completely.

There were 15 patients involved with the research study and they all had myelodysplastic syndrome, which is a blood disorder which causes their bodies to lose healthy blood cells. The disorder develops into acute myeloid leukemia in about half of the diagnosed cases.

Researchers studied malignant cells inside bone marrow of the patients and trailed them over a certain period of time. They used genetic investigation and were able to separate a distinct and small cluster of MDS cells which ended up being the origin of the cancer and were triggering the disease to advance.

The scientists emphasized their discoveries did not offer any sort of new treatments for leukemia patients. However they did say it will hopefully allow for more efficient cancer stem cell therapies but they added that even if cancer stem cells were wiped out there would still be a possibility that genetic transmutations might lead to other stem cells later changing into cancer stem cells.

Nevertheless, the researchers said that the findings were a huge jump toward understanding the root of blood cancers. It has long been believed by numerous scientists that cancer stem cells have long been thought to be the cause of many types of cancers but recognizing such cells has been a huge challenge. The next stage will be to look for certain drugs that can eradicate these distinctive cells, which would be crucial in helping more individuals to survive cancer.

Cancer stem cells are a major puzzle portion but only one portion. Researches state that what is known for sure about various cancers is that many are difficult to treat. The major revolution in the treatment of cancer is that they are learning more about genetics all the time and that is vital to understanding what the key points are.

Repeating: scientists state they have discovered the first possible evidence of cancer stem cells in human beings.

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