Shahrukh Khan Will Watch IPL-7 in Wankhede Stadium Mumbai?

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Indian Premier League (IPL) has been increasing in popularity each passing year and people from across the world watch the matches with immense enthusiasm. Although the teams are basically a representation of some states in India, each team has players that belong to other countries as well. Wankhede Stadium is one of the most renowned stadiums of India, which is situated in the city of Mumbai. The stadium is managed and controlled by the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) and often conducts a number of IPL matches in the stadium. However, the IPL held in 2012 saw a set-back for Shahrukh Khan when he was banned from Wakhede Stadium. A match that was being held between KKR and MI took an ugly turn when Shahrukh Khan had a spat with the officials of the stadium. It ultimately resulted to a five-year ban on him from Wankhede. However, recently it is being said that Shahrukh Khan will watch IPL-7 in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, if all demands put forth by IPL council is fulfilled by the MCA. Out of the fifteen demands, one of it is to allow Shahrukh Khan to watch the IPL finals in the stadium itself.

Shahrukh Khan is an illustrious actor and producer and has already made his mark in the Bollywood industry. One can easily find his fans in every corner of the world, most of whom will be more than willing to see him in front of their eyes, even if it is for a second. After the decision of banning the 48-year-old actor was declared by the MCA, there was a huge resentment among the fans, especially those who stay in Mumbai.

It is still difficult to judge whether the decision of MCA was right or wrong. Nevertheless, the resentment that had followed was definitely a loss for the IPL and definitely, Shahrukh Khan. He had to even miss out on Sachin Tendulkar’s last cricket match that was held in 2013, just because the match had taken place in Wankhede. This time, it is believed that Shahrukh Khan will watch IPL-7 in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. MCA wanted the IPL finals to take place in Wankhede Stadium this year.

However, the IPL core committee has put forth 15 conditions that have to be fulfilled by the MCA. Along with this, one of the conditions will allow Shahrukh Khan to enter and watch IPL finals in Wankhede Stadium. Irrespective of whether his team plays in the finals or not, he will be allowed to sit and enjoy the match, media houses reported. This time, MCA is bound to follow the conditions so as to let the IPL Finals take place in Wankhede.

It is believed that if the conditions are not fulfilled, the finals will then most probably take place in Bangalore. Ravi Savant, the vice-president of MCA had said that all the fifteen demands will be fulfilled, and Shahrukh Khan will be allowed to enter Wankhede for just 1 match. It is believed that IPL Council is yet to decide the venue of the final match this year, but they are trying, so that Shahrukh Khan can watch IPL-7 in Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai.

By Sunando Basu

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