South Africa Corruption and President Jacob Zuma

South Africa Jacob Zuma

The corruption ahead of the South Africa 2014 elections continue to grow and the long and short term discord are drowning out any long term view of democracy. Corruption in South Africa started many years ago, when Bantu Holomisa blew the whistle on the Mandela’s administration in the early 1990s. Blowing the whistle on corruption at that time got Holomisa expelled. The big controversy around the controversial arms deal benefits the officials of the African National (ANC) party and investigations continue to be delayed.

Another huge implication of corruption was the sale of state assets by various premiers among top officials. Eskom, the electricity giant, sold its copper drying kilns and today experiences problems drying wet coal, thereby implementing load shedding across the land.

People are not obsessed with Zuma in particular, but shadow him as the pinnacle of a system that places him as the top corruption architect. The recent Nkandla scandal has not been resolved, and this has placed the president in a precarious position. The South African perception of the ANC government policy is a corrupt system, and Zuma is both presidents of the country and of the ANC party.

The recent attempt by Zuma to win over the Democratic Alliance (DA) controlled area has indicated his concern among the green and yellow (ANC) that threatens to destroy the country if a bit of blue (DA) begins to grow. Nobody is concerned with the red (EFF), its spells blood and the walls of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) will take it all should they get a foothold in the governance of the country. The power coveted in South Africa by the ANC is scary and probably all over the world.

Zuma is determined by position rather than action as the leader of the country by its citizens.. His actions have subverted his role as a preferential leader and will be remembered as a weak and strategically absent leader. Zuma a strong element of the manipulating ANC party will eventually be incompatible.

The public continues to be pre-occupied and fascinated with Zuma. Remain appalled by his criminal acts and his stance on offenders who go unpunished. The public who vigorously object to the squander of public funds is of the opinion it is a reality of preoccupation with self enrichment.

The 1994 pre-accord held one set of rules to govern the entire nation. True equality was promised to all and was the cornerstone of the constitution. The ANC has turned this rule around favoring grounds of privilege and set out different rules for the masses and another for the elite. Delusional behavior, at the expense of the taxpayer and the continued defiance of the rule of law is a real illness. The only sustainable options are persistent objections and working toward a permanent cure.

Zuma throughout his leadership has established strong social standing within the boundaries of his power and uses this polarization to achieve his goals. Had he used this influence to maximize toward a congruent and socially inclusive economic and political end game? No, he has by his direct and indirect actions condoned a different conclusion as being a clear goal. The use of public funds for personal gain and defense of poor, wrong choice is reasonable and consequently he has reinforced many of the worst traits of people ill equipped to make a full, determined decision about individual acts versus country benefiting acts.

Whether or not a suitable replacement currently exists is the moot point, rather it should be the collective party and people that produce a stop, or diversion that either excludes Zuma, or forces responsibility onto his shoulders.

Opposition parties will continue to expand their population strength, even parties with an inconsistent economic and political content. It is when those in power divert their attention and efforts inward, rather than outward that corruption continues to swell.

A comment from the public described the corruption in South Africa as the blind that will never see, the brainwashed that will never think, and the poor that will never improve. The ANC is the enemy of the sane, friend of the corrupt, illiterate and brainwashed.

Zuma is an obsession created by the media who continue to provide the public with delusional beliefs that he is none other than the most atrocious person in South Africa. The ANC party under the leadership of Zuma has displayed the worst act of corruption, and until the free and fair elections go ahead, the public continue to elect his fate.

Opinion By Laura Oneale




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