South Carolina Neo-Nazi Couple Pleads Guilty to Killing Sex Offender [Video]

South Carolina

South Carolina neo-Nazis Jeremy and Christine Moody, in court to plead guilty for killing sex offender Charles Parker, 59, and his wife, Gretchen, 51, expressed great remorse during their trial.  Before pleading guilty to two counts of kidnapping, murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime, as well as first-degree burglary, Jeremy Moody told the court that he regrets what happened and acknowledged that he had sinned. After hearing her husband plead guilty, Christine Moody also entered a plea of guilty, telling the judge that she had been promised “fame and fortune” in return for doing so.  She then read passages from the Bible, expressing her certainty that she and her husband had been forgiven of their sins by God and that her hope is that the people in the court do the same.  Both Moodys claim to have suffered sexual abuse in their childhoods as well as ongoing mental disorders, factors which led to their attorneys requesting that each serve only 30 years behind bars.

The attitudes of the neo-Nazi couple  swiftly changed after they were each sentenced to life in prison in a South Carolina courtroom on Tuesday by Circuit Judge Lee Alford, who told the couple that he had seen them smiling at each other during court.  Leaving the courthouse in Union County, Jeremy Moody wore striped prison clothing and handcuffs as he stated that “child molesters do not deserve to live.”  He expressed that if he could, he would go back and kill even more of them. His wife, Christine Moody, just before ducking into the back of a squad car for her ride to her new prison home, also expressed no regret for her actions, saying that “Killing that pedophile was the best day of my life.”

The Moodys  killed the Parkers on July 21 after Jeremy Moody, 31, learned that Charles Parker was on the list of South Carolina registered sex offenders.  They gained access to the Parkers’ Jonesville home by pretending that their car had broken down. After gaining access to the Parker home, the Moodys stabbed them and shot them with a handgun.  The Parkers’ own security system footage was used to capture the Moodys, due in large part to a “White Power” tattoo on top of Jeremy Moody’s shaved head and a “skinhead” tattoo running from ear to ear underneath his chin. Christine Moody, 37, had previously said in court that she and her husband where members of  the online white supremacist group, Crew 41.

Charles Parker had been convicted of the sexual assault of a child in 1991 and of third-degree criminal sexual misconduct in 2003.  The latter charge involved a woman aged 31. Gretchen Parker was not on the registered sex offender list and no explanation has been given by the Moodys as to why she also was murdered.

After the South Carolina court proceedings were over and the sentences were meted out, the Moodys smiled at one another and exchanged a kiss. Christine Moody echoed her husband’s claim that if given the opportunity, she would choose to murder Charles Parker again.  She explained her apparent remorse before the handing down of her sentence by saying that her attorney had directed her to say that she was sorry.  Regarding the families of Mr. & Mrs. Parker, Christine Moody said, “May they die also.”

The victims’ families were not surprised by the hatred and venom being spewed by the Moodys, and at least one of them  expressed her anger at the jibes and the teasing directed their way.  Brenda Franklin, sister to Charles Parker, said that they way the Moodys were laughing about their killing of the Parkers as well as the way they were killed made her mad.  “Nobody should die like that. Nobody.”

By Jennifer Pfalz

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