Stephen’s Story Comes to an End as Cancer Sufferer Dies

Stephen's StoryStephen’s story has come to an end, after the young cancer sufferer died last night. His parents took to Stephen Sutton’s Facebook page and website to break the news to the tens of thousands of followers. Many have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media to express their sadness and condolences.

Sutton’s battle with cancer started when he was just 15 years old. He knew that he would not live long, and decided to create a bucket list of all the things that he would like to do. He thought he was never going to see some of them happen after he ended up in hospital just a few months ago. His cancer had gotten so bad that he was struggling to breathe. All he really wanted to do was raise £10,000 ($16,000) for Teenage Cancer Trust.

The hashtag #stephensstory spread around the internet, but did not take off until celebrities like Jason Manford started tweeting about Stephen’s Story. Since then the cancer donations exceeding the 19-year-old’s expectations by reaching over £3 million. Shortly after that he was awarded the Diana Award, which is given to young people who are considered inspirational. That is certainly something that Sutton has been.

Shortly before raising the £3 million, the young man believed that he was going to die. He was in hospital, with tumors on his lungs. However, controversy sparked when he was discharged from hospital after “coughing up” a tumor. Some cynics started to question whether he was really ill, and felt conned into giving their money away. Those supporting the cause hit back at the cynics making it clear that the money went to charity, and the young man was still dying of cancer.

Stephen’s story has not come to an end, as the teenage cancer suffered died. Just a few days ago, this end was not expected. However, he was admitted back into hospital on Tuesday with breathing problems. It was so bad in the end that his family had to take over giving updates, stating that his tumors were now blocking his airways. The family had hoped that it was just an infection that the 19-year-old could have fought.

Throughout his journey, Sutton has never wanted money for himself. He has continually fought to raise awareness and money for charity. While he may not longer be living, his name will always live on. His parents should be proud of the son they raised, despite his life not being as long as they would have wanted.

He always believed that he was lucky that his cancer was growing slowly. It meant that he could do things to raise awareness, and could complete some of his bucket list. One of those was just recently, when he landed his name in the Guinness Book of World Records with the most people making heart-shaped gestures with their hands. He originally wanted it to be the most people spooning, but changed his mind after realizing that the event would take place on World Laughter Day. Stephen’s story may have come to an end after the cancer sufferer died today, but the whole journey will live on forever.

By Alexandria Ingham


Stephen’s Story

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