Taylor Swift Thailand Concert Cancelled Due to Military Coup

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s sold-out Thailand concert has been cancelled due to the military coup. The decision was out of the country singer’s control, and she has apologized to fans who were excited to see her perform. She is also reportedly disappointed that she cannot attend her first ever concert in the country.

It has been a difficult situation for some time in Thailand with the military forcing a takeover of the country. Before this, the Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and her Pheu Thai Party were called out believing Sinawatra is acting under the influence of her brother, who happens to be a billionaire. After the military took over, new rules were forced onto the international networks and TV channels, including Disney and the BBC, which has forced them to stop all broadcasting. There is also a curfew set for 10om, with street gatherings also being banned. It would be too dangerous for Swift and her fans for the concert to take place at this time.

This is definitely a shame, but certainly understandable. Safety has to be a priority for all, despite Bangkok being a popular destination for artists. Just recently, Justin Bieber had enjoyed performing in the city as part of his Believe Tour. However, other artists did start taking a step back when the problems started. Eric Clapton cancelled his February tour after hearing that a violent flare-up led to the deaths of four children. The coup took seven months to finally see success, and it took a court order to remove the Prime Minister from office.

However, Swift did not personally choose to cancel her Thailand concert due to the military coup. This was a decision made by BEC-Tero Entertainment, the organizer, who shared its own apologies and acknowledged that it was a difficult decision to make. While the initial announcement from the organizer did not explain the full reason for the decision, it later announced that it was due to the political instability.

This was certainly a major event for her fans. Ten thousand tickets had sold within the first hour of them going on sale for the event. All fans will receive a full refund for their tickets purchased, and there is hope that she will return if the political situation stabilizes. Refunds will only be available until the end of June, so it is important to act as quickly as possible. This is the only date as part of the Asian leg of her Red Tour that has been cancelled, and she will now travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, for the last date of the tour on June 12. The tour will still start in Shanghai on May 29 as planned.

As soon as she found out about the decision, Swift took to Twitter to share the update to her fans. She also expressed her apologies, making it clear that this was not something she wanted to happen. Her website currently just states that the decision was due to the political instability, and includes information about gaining refunds for the tickets. This was not a decision made lightly, but Swift has had to cancel her Thailand concert due to the military coup.

By Alexandria Ingham


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