Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell Already Pregnant?

Teen MomIt was only a few weeks ago that Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell announced that she and her boyfriend were trying for a baby, and it seems like she could already be pregnant. Rumors say that the 22-year-old’s mother and brother shared the exciting news on their Facebook pages. However, there is no confirmation from the possible mom-to-be herself.

Lowell first appeared on the reality TV show 16 and Pregnant and then on Teen Mom after finding out that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Tyler Baltierra. The two remained together, but decided that giving up their daughter for adoption was the best decision. They were too young for a family, and wanted the best for their baby girl.

Still together, the two decided that they are now ready to be parents. They both have full-time jobs caring for disabled adults, and have decided that it is time to try for another baby. They already proved they were fertile by getting pregnant by mistake, and it seems like it has happened again.

There is a lot of support for the couple. They have remained together, and put the life of their daughter first. Now four-years-old, their daughter has a happy life, and her biological parents get to email, call and sometimes visit. Before deciding to have a child together again, they have found full-time jobs and proven that they are responsible young adults. It certainly looks like they are ready to be parents.

It has come of a shock that Teen Mom Lowell could be pregnant already. However, she has not confirmed this yet. The rumors are based on Facebook posts allegedly from her family members. She did stop birth control three months ago, but it can take up to a year for couples to fall pregnant.

While there has been support, there has also been a lot of people attacking the two for their decision. The pair both took to Twitter to hit back at those questioning their decisions, making it clear that this is their decision and they feel like they are now ready to be parents.

People have questioned their decision to have another child after giving the first up for adoption. However, this is something that other parents have gone through. They are teens who made a mistake and are now ready to be grown-ups.

If Lowell is pregnant, she is only around four weeks. This is such an early stage that she has probably only found out herself. It is something the couple will want to keep quiet for some time, and her family members would know that. There is not likely going to be an announcement from the Teen Mom until at least another four weeks. Most expectant couples keep the news a secret for the first three months, as this is when miscarriages are more likely to occur.

It is possible that her family members are playing jokes to get people talking. It could also be part publicity considering there are talks for a season five of the reality TV show. All eyes will now be on Teen Mom’s Lowell to see if she is pregnant already.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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