Teleportation Is Real Say Scientists

Teleportation Is Real Say Scientists

Teleportation is real say scientists and it is due to quantum physics making it possible. Researchers in The Netherlands  have teleported information according to a new research study just printed up in the journal Science. This may not be the exact material that was seen on Star Trek but researchers at the Delft Institute of Technology have revealed that what they did was still extremely advanced.

What the Dutch physicists proceeded to do involved something known as quantum entanglement. Einstein even once said the basic idea was  “spooky action at a distance.” That is a description which pretty much sums up what it is. With entangled particles, data interactions are able to take place instantly over vast distances. This means that the direction and also spin rate of one particle and how the behavior of such an item is measured, will define the direction and spin rate of its tangled partner. That respective particle is located somewhere else, even possibly on the other side of the universe, and is simultaneously effected.

The Delft scientists were able to prove the principle by separating target entangled electrons inside two extremely cooled diamonds which were placed almost 35 feet apart. This produced what one of the researchers termed as “mini prisons” for them. The physicists then manipulated the spin rate and found that the actions of one did indeed continue to regulate the turn of the other, and vice versa, even at the distance they had them apart.

Back in 2009, something similar had been performed by researchers at the University of Maryland, but the teleportation experiment had only worked one out of every 100 million tries. This time it succeeded 100 percent of the time. So now the Dutch have next on their list of wanting to enlarge their work area in the literal sense. They are going to try and see if the quantum entanglement will hold up at a distance of nearly one full mile.

The reason all this is important is because the spin rate to a quantum particle, counts as information, and information is what computers take in. However unlike older bits of data, which only can have either one of two values, 0 or 1, by turning to quantum bits, or qubits as they are known, they are able to have an immeasurable number.

What it comes down to is that computers built of quantum particles entangled at a distance might be to modern computers what modern computers are to marks on the side of a cave wall. However now is not the time ite yet for the reader of this article to go sell his or her PC, or plan on giving up the smartphone, but changes are coming and they might be sooner than anyone expects. It is something to be watching for.

So quantum physics has made teleportation possible. Researchers have teleported information according to the new research study just printed up. True it is not what was seen on Star Trek but researchers at the Delft Institute of Technology have revealed that what they have done was still extremely cutting edge.

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