The Voice Top Five Become Terrific Three (Review)

The Voice Top Five Become Terrific Three (Review)

On The Voice tonight, it’s the Semi-Finals Results Show, and the Top Five competitors will become the Terrific Three before the end of the episode. The Bottom Three vote-getters will sing one song each, and then you, America, will get to tweet to determine which one will get Instantly Saved. That person will move on with the other two who are safe by being the two who received the highest amounts of votes, and the Terrific Three will move on to the Finals, next week, on The Voice! Also tonight, Will Champlin, Jacquie Lee, and Tessanne Chin from last season will be performing, as will Rascal Flatts!

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, began tonight’s episode by introducing the four coaches, Adam, Shakira, Usher, and Blake Shelton. He said that the third finalist will be determined by your tweets, and he added that the three performers from last season mentioned above, will also be singing. Tessanne Chin, of course, was the season winner.

Carson then introduced the country group, Rascal Flatts, who sang “Rewind.” They did great, and had the audience clapping along right from the beginning. Blake, and the audience, gave the group a standing ovation.

Carson had the five semi-finalists come onstage, and he revealed the name of the first artist who America saved.  “The first finalist is — Jake Worthington! Jake Worthington is the finals, representing Team Shelton!” Carson said that viewers of The Voice, for the first time ever, will have the chance to pick which songs the finalists sing next week. Then, The Voice went to its first commercial break of the evening.

When The Voice returned from break, Carson Daly introduced a recurring segment on The Voice, The Voice Confessionals. Blake was humorous, wearing a blond wig for his take on Adam’s latest hair color.

After that, Carson asked the coaches what it would feel like if their performers made it to the finals. Usher said Josh has versatility, and needs to be consistent.  Adam was worried, thinking that his two performers might not have done as well as he’d hoped; though, he liked their song choices, regardless.

Carson Daly then introduced Jacquie Lee, who ha been on Team Christina last season, She took the stage and sang “Broken Ones.” Jacquie has an AMAZING voice, and was one of the favorites to win it all Season 5 on The Voice. The song was beautiful, and Jacquie packed a ton of emotion into it. She held the audience spellbound as she sang. Then, they audience erupted into applause, and Carson asked how Jacquie was doing. She said her album would be dropping soon, and that she, Will, and Tess would be going on tour.

After The Voice came back from another commercial break, Carson read a question to Tessanne: “when are you going to bring Adam to Jamaica?” Tessanne didn’t seem sure that Jamaica was ready for Adam, but she said “Anytime.”

Then, he asked Jacquie Lee who her favorite adviser last season was, and she answered “Ed Sheeran, obviously!” Ed just so happened to be there, which was pretty cool, and he’ll also be on The Voice next week.

Will Champlin was the next person from last season’s The Voice to perform. He sang “Eye of the Pyramid.” It was a pretty TERRIFIC song, and the audience clapped rapidly along with him as he sang. How did the clapping not throw him off? Will has a soaring voice with a lot of range, and he can sing in the upper vocal ranges really well.

Carson asked him what’s going on with him, and Will said that the song he performed was just released today, and he had an album coming out soon, as well as participating in the tour with Jacquie Lee and Tessanne Chin.

Carson: “I will now announce the last person moving on. The second finalist is — Josh Kaufman, from Team Usher!” Well, that was certainly surprising — both Jake and Josh are excellent performers, but not having one female represented who will be moving on seems a bit strange.

The Voice went to another commercial break. Carson then said that leaves Christina, Kristen, and Kat Perkins in The Bottom Three, and he introduced the winner of Season 5 of The Voice, Tessanne Chin, who sang “Everything Reminds Me of You.” Tessanne has such a powerful, melodic voice — her performance tonight was a reminder of why she won last season, as she consistently gives stirring, amazing performances. Adam, of course, gave her a standing ovation, as she had been on his team. She said her album was coming out on June 23.

When The Voice returns from break, we’ll hear the Bottom Three vote-getters perform, and you, America, will get the chance to Instantly Save your favorite of the three with your tweets!

Carson said “First up, singing ‘Blown Away,’ representing team Shakira, is Kristen Merlin!”

Kristen did a FANTASTIC job, as usual, singing “Blown Away.” She played to the audience, really getting them into the song, and she sang with a lot of power and passion. Then, she gave Carson a big hug.

Blake: “I’ve always had a soft spot for you. You’re the only othe country singer in the competition. I’m pulling for you, I really am.”

Shakira: “america should save Kristen because she is a storyteller, and her voice is unique. You can recognize her voice on the radio.”

“Singing ‘Good Girl,’ from Team Adam, is Kat Perkins,” Carson announced. Kat unleashed the wildness and power of her voice with this song, and ROCKED IT OUT! She had the audience clapping from the start to the end of the song. Adam pumped his fist in the air repeatedly.

Usher: “She always comes out swinging like a vicious cat. You electrified the audience!”

Adam: “This girl, every single time, has dug herself out of a hole. She does it with an effortless style.”

Carson: “Singing ‘Apologize’ from Team Adam,singing ‘Apologize,’ is Christina Grimmie!”

Christina Grimmie OWNED this song, and man, can she sustain notes as she sings! She NAILED this song, and the audience cheered and applauded for her as she finished.

Adam: “Listen, guys — this girl, this girl — if you get her to the Finals, this girl is gonna win!”

Carson says that it all comes down to tweeting, using the # symbol, Voice, and Save, and the first name of the competitor you’re tweeting that you want saved — #VoiceSaveKristen, for example.

Carson said “The window is still open. You can save your favorite artist with your tweets.”

Shakira said “You’ll make history, Kristen. People will accept you for who you are.”

Adam told Kat and Christina that they are “both two of the most talented and wonderful people I know.”

Carson: “One of you was Instantly Saved by America’s tweets and will advance to the Final and the other two will be going home. America Instantly Saved — Christina Grimmie!”

WOW! For any of the Bottom Three performers to be in the Bottom Three was surprising enough, as they were all extremely talented singers. While two of the competitors were going to be leaving tonight on The Voice, based on your votes, America, it’s still kind of shocking to be thinking that we’re now down to the Terrific Three competitors, and sad that two very talented singers are going home. This is just the beginning for them, but it was still a somewhat bittersweet show tonight. What are your thoughts and comments, America? Please leave them below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb


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