Tiny Hamster: Big Feast

Chubby Cheeks Woofs Tiny Burritos


Bogart, a tiny hamster, made big news recently as a very special chef created not one, but two tiny burritos for the little creature. Adorable, cute and darling are just some of the adjectives that would describe this little critter. Creating  hamster-friendly burritos for this new celeb was just part of what went into making the 90 second viral hit. Behind the scenes, however, fostered three weeks of training.

The brainchild of the video was birthed through a Los Angeles-based ad agency, Denizen Company. This ad agency recently won a Webby Award for the best Bus Stop Ever campaign. Small things seem to be an obsession on the internet and this hamster is a small thing. The meticulous care and feeding  of hamsters has just been elevated to an entirely new level and would certainly not be considered the norm. Upon closely examining the entire process, the content of the burrito is similar to that of the human-kind, but even a bit more healthy. There were no special sauces of the fatty kind and no cheeses. Had the little guy known that, it would have been interesting to see what kind of protest he might have come up with.

Contents of that tiny little burrito contained one pinto bean, part of one cherry tomato, a tiny portion of what appeared to be cooked chicken breast, a wee bit of cilantro and an itty-bitty flour tortilla. Did that furry little fellow know that he was getting such tender loving care when the chef provided him with not one, but two sources of protein? First chopping the one pinto bean into very fine bits and then shredding that micro-portion of cooked chicken ever so carefully so that there would be no opportunity for choking. Next, the cherry tomato was finely minced into hamster-friendly bite size portions as was that wee bit of cilantro, both of which provided healthy sources of vegetable nutrition. But what about that flour tortilla? Is that gut-friendly for a hamster. It certainly is not gluten-free! The upside would be that the cilantro is a good digestive aid and provides cleansing for the liver. Even hamsters need to keep things running smoothly! Two burritos sound like a big feast for a tiny hamster. But the inside truth is that “behind the scenes,” the real hamster burrito consisted of egg roll wrapping, raisins and nuts.

The contents are one thing, but the delicate arrangement with which the chef placed the contents onto the tortilla with precision tipped tweezers, well, that was absolutely beautiful. Then came the wrapping…looked as if this chef had been doing it for years! Next came the inspection with that tiny little dental mirror to ensure that the burrito would be served in a buttoned-up fashion. The chef deserves an A+ rating for cleanliness, content,  and a nice clean wrap. Before the delivery of those tiny little burritos, the stage has to be set for the arrival of the guest of honor: the hamster!

Before the guest of honor can arrive, the place of honor must be carefully prepared. The chef strategically positioned a striped place mat which intuitively made for a hamster runway, added a tasteful chair made out of crayola boxes which provided comfort with a cushioned high back, added a classy glass with white napkin atop to serve as a table with table-cloth, and set the mood for the whetting of the palate with mood lighting.,.do not forget the classical music. A decorative blue and white poker chip served as the dinner plate. Utensils were not necessary for this delicately prepared feast of finger-food.

The moment arrived. The guest of honor paused and then briskly moved forward down the striped runway, climbed upon the chair and waited with great anticipation as the chef presented the “tiny little burrito.”  In an instant, the tiny burrito was gone. That darling little hamster woofed it down! The second “tiny little burrito,” well, it got gulped too!! Affectionately speaking, Chubby Cheeks would be a cute name for the little guy and most appropriate! The chef breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that his guest thoroughly enjoyed the feast. It is noteworthy to mention that  this little hamster did arrive sporting his finest fur for the big feast!

By Jill Boyer-Adriance

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New York Daily News
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