Tony Hawk Has Big Competition From a 9-Year-Old Girl! [Video]

Tony Hawk

Most believe that Tony Hawk is the worlds best skateboarder, but there is new competition in town, and its in the form of a 9-year-old girl. Her name is Sabre Norris and she is from Australia, and her fans believe she is the next big thing. Seeing how at the ripe old age of nine, she just landed her first 540, they just may be right. Sabre was not allowed to get a bike because the family does not have a garage. So whats a girl to do? Her Mom bought the kids skateboards which are much easier to store, way to go Mom. She states that she has been skateboarding for 3 years already and she has been trying desperately to do a 540. Watching Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins do a 540 on the internet inspired this young girl to do the same.  Judging by the video below, Tony Hawk is going to have a run for his money in just a few years.

Tony Hawk

The video shows Sabre nailing the 540, to which she stated that she had been trying to do all day, and had been placing a rock on a table each time she did not land it. Her seventy fifth time was the charm and you will see how ecstatic she is in the video. She casually explains that she did some 720’s also but not properly, but she proudly states that she did not cry. Her goal is to do 100 of them perfectly before this Saturday, and she is up to 75. This little charmer also mentions that she cannot ride a bike, but she has mastered the 540.

sabre surfingStarting out in the parking lot of her Dad’s work has come a long way, and she looks to be the next skateboarding prodigy. Watch out Tony Hawk, this 9-year-old girl is almost ready for competition. Watching video’s of another championship female skateboarder, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins has given this talented young girl something to shoot for. Hawkins started skateboarding at 6 and has won eight X game metals. She is already considered a legend at just 21 years of age. Hawkins is not just a one trick pony, she also skates and was the first girl to conquer the big jump ramp at only 15-years-old. She is also the second youngest person to win gold in the X Games history. Like her young protege, she wanted to be the first female to not only land a 540 in competition but to land a McTwist 540. She went on to do this but unfortunately not during the X Games however, she nailed it at Tony Hawks show in Paris in 2009.

With such a talented and successful role model, and judging by her moves in the video below, Sabre has amassed a huge fan base that will undoubtedly be cheering her on right up to her entrance into the X Games. Also like her hero, young Sabre also has a few tricks up her sleeve, as she is also a surfer, and judging by her drive and determination, one would guess that she is excelling at that also. Now if someone would just teach her to ride a bike she surely would conquer that as well. Fans advise Tony Hawk that this skateboarding prodigy is going to be the one to watch and big competition for him in the future, even though she is just 9-years-old at present.

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