Tony Todd to Star in Biographical Film Cowboy’s Girl

Tony Todd to Star in Biographical Film Cowboy's Girl

Screen legend Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination, Star Trek) is to star in a “biographical” film titled Cowboy’s Girl that will be set in Las Vegas and will also star Diahnna Nicole Baxter (Satacracy 88, A House Is Not a Home, Scandal, True Blood) who wrote the film and is producing it as well. Directed by Andrew Piccone (Swerve, Night of the Black Widow) Cowboy’s Girl tells the story of Karina who is in search of answers from her estranged father who may, or may not be her biological parent.

Todd will play Cowboy. A man in his later years who has reinvented himself. As described in the press release for the film the character is a blend of humor, charisma, violence and impulses. He has learned to survive his life through “delusions of grandeur.” He is a master manipulator of the people he interacts with and, as Diahnna relates, his ability to charm women out of anything has made him master of his world.

Cowboy’s vision of himself is that of an iconic western “hero” who shepherds his flock of derelict motels full of weekly rentals. The man is a crack addict whose behaviour and dichotomous nature have put him into a permanent loop of tragedy and has left him distanced from his kids.

The film, says Ms Baxter, was inspired in part by her own childhood. Part of which was her own ambivalent feelings about her father and the lack of a relationship with him. It was her search for truth and “forgiveness” that led her to tell this story of a woman’s personal journey to self empowerment, but it is really about much more than that.

Diahnna says that this movie is for all the “bastards, the orphans of the world, the abandoned.” It attempts to tell the story of those who felt and were abandoned by an “absentee” parent. The film is also for those fathers who did not know how to “be there” for their children or who could not be there for them. Diahnna’s almost biographical film Cowboy’s Girl stars Tony Todd who is an old friend which makes the story even more personal for the artist.

Both Baxter and director Andrew Piccone have said that they feel very lucky to have an actor of Tony Todd’s calibre, experience, and stature to play the charismatic and unstable role of Cowboy. The actor is an icon in the horror genre, which began with the 1992 film Candyman. As a performer Todd has 178 credits to his name as well as another four credits as producer.

Tony made his film debut in the 1986 film Sleepwalk, but before that he appeared in dozens of stage productions that ranged from classical theatre to experimental. Throughout that busy time period Tony also taught playwriting to high school students.

Cowboy’s Girl is being funded via Kickstarter, the popular “crowd funding” website that helps filmmakers fund the productions they are passionate about when studios don’t want to know. There is, at the time of writing this article, three days left in their goal of hitting $30,000. This target will enable them to meet the production costs and enable this talented team to tell Karina’s story. Their project can be found on If they can reach their goal, Tony Todd will star in the “biographical” film alongside Ms. Baxter.

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