True Blood: Series Finale Trailer Released [Video]

True Blood
True Blood is coming back to HBO on June 22 for its final season. This romance/horror vampire show is ending with its seventh season. HBO recently released a full trailer giving fans a taste of blood. Fang-bangers everywhere are sad to see the iconic HBO show leave, but the ten episode finale has big plans for reunions, closure, and bloodshed.

It has been a long road for the True Blood series. Since its release in 2008, the fictional town of Bon Temps has faced a number of horrors. From werewolves to fairies, the show has had no shortage of blood, bizarre scenarios,g and plenty of sex to wash it all down. The first couple seasons debuted with a huge media roar and hooked audiences, but the show started to slip in later seasons. In the sixth season, the show claimed to be returning to its roots. However, after viewers continued to plummet, HBO announced that the seventh season will be its last.

True Blood has ranked as one of the most popular vampire series currently airing. Directed by Alan Ball, the show stars Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, and Sam Tramell. True Blood came into the world at a time when vampires were on an upswing. The Twilight Saga was very mainstream and breathing life back into this classic monster. Vampires have always had their dark and damp place in movies and TV. Dark Shadows is the first known successful vampire TV show in America. It became a cult classic and was later remade into a movie. Vampires were desolate from the early 70s up until the 90s when they started to reappear on TV. Joss Whedon brought the monsters back to limelight with his 1997 series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show aired for seven seasons on Fox and triggered a spin-off series called Angel. A number of vampire shows have since been created (almost one on every major network), with True Blood topping the popularity list.

True Blood ‘s concept is from the best-selling book series The Southern Vampires. Charlaine Harris brings readers into a world where the invention of a synthetic blood beverage allows vampires to co-inhabit the human world. The habitat she happens to choose is a small Louisiana town, a part of America where people are still fighting prejudice in their own species. So, naturally, vampires must overcome a malevolent history and gain rights. Harris created an interesting take on a functioning vampire society and political functions, but the book mainly follows Sookie Stackhouse as a southern belle who attracts much trouble.

The series finale trailer is not shy about spoiling the plot details. It shows Sookie and the gang in their current and supernatural states, as they appear to be fighting rabid and infected vampires. The town’s people are being picked off and the government is doing nothing to step in, leaving every human of Bon Temps for dead. The gang plays hero and attempts to save the town, and when Sookie is in trouble, fans can count on popular vampire character Eric returning to save her. Blood, guts, and romantic triangles to be revealed when True Blood returns June 22nd.

By Morgan Louchen

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