UKIP Voters Turn Out in the Masses


It seems that UKIP voters turned out in the masses for Thursday’s elections in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom Independence Party has made significant gains, and people woke up Friday to hear that the controversial party had already gained the 80 seats it was expected to gain. There were still many more results to come in.

The UK saw elections for both the European elections and English local council elections. Over the past few months, the public has been faced with various campaigns, some more unprofessional than others. Labour was deemed the most unforgivable unprofessional party for its negative campaign against UKIP.

The party stands for independence from the European Union. While that seems unlikely to happen, it stands for more choices for the UK legislative, which is forced to bow down to decisions from the European courts. This was noted just recently with the struggle to have terrorists and criminals extradited due to human rights, including the right to family.

UKIPHowever, other parties have focused on slander and negative campaigns against the party, sharing the party’s sometimes racist and draconian views. However, many of these views came from individual party members who were later suspended and removed from the party.

Labour seems to be the worst hit party in the latest local council elections. It lost control of some important councils in the north, with the UK Independence Party taking some of the seats it once had. However, other parties have seen losses thanks to the party. It definitely seems the UKIP voters turned out in the masses to show their discontent with the way the country is currently being run.

Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party, acknowledged that his party was doing well, and made it clear that he would be a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the UK General Election in 2015. There is the idea that the coalition government will be negatively hit as more people vote for UKIP to show their hatred for the way the government has handled situations.

There are definitely signs that the United Kingdom is moving into a four-party system, when for years it was just a two-party system. If this is the case, it will be very hard for one party to gain an overall majority due to the way the General Election voting system works. This could mean more coalition parties, or parties ruling on their own without a majority vote in the House of Commons. Either way will lead to difficult situations when it comes to decisions and the passing of bills.

The hardest area to crack for UKIP will be London. Despite gaining victories in other cities, particular Birmingham and Sunderland where it had never had much of a presence, it only came third in the capital city. However, opinion polls indicate that the controversial, upcoming party will gain one or two seats in the European elections, which shows positivity for the future. Despite the negative press and campaigns from other parties, it appears UKIP voters turned out in the masses on Thursday to put the party on top.

By Alexandria Ingham



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