Unreleased Freddie Mercury Vocals on New Queen Album

Unreleased Freddie Mercury Vocals on New Queen Album

Freddie Mercury will be singing on an upcoming Queen album of previously unreleased tracks restored and produced by fellow band members Brian May and Roger Taylor. The tracks date from the period of the 1980s, and Mercury’s vocals will be combined with recently recorded instrumental tracks with the use of Protools. Reportedly, the tracks are big, epic ballads, and Freddie Mercury fans will undoubtedly find a lot to like about the album, which will be titled Queen Forever.

Brian May, 66, the guitarist for Queen, announced way back in January that he and Roger Taylor, the drummer for the group, were gathering material together for a new Queen album. He announced at the time that there would be “at least three” tracks on it that had never been released, featuring vocals by the late, great, Freddie Mercury. He stated that it would have “new material on it which nobody in the world has ever heard.” May added that the album would come out sometime before the end of 2014.

More details have emerged about the Queen album, during an interview of Brian May with BBC Radio Wales. He and Taylor had very little to work with, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, they managed to realize their dream of how the songs would have turned out if they had been finished to completion while Freddie Mercury was still alive.

It’s known that Freddie Mercury recorded at least one track with Michael Jackson in 1983, but Brian May has not revealed if any such collaboration will be included on Queen Forever. The reported collaboration did not appear on the posthumous Michael Jackson album, Xscape, either. If Brian May and Roger Taylor found and restored that track, or tracks, and decided to include them on Queen Forever, that would likely be all that it would take for the album to go platinum. Unreleased Freddie Mercury vocals, alone, would probably ensure that the record went gold, at the minimum.

In the BBC Radio Wales interview, Brian May described the songs as being “quite beautiful” and “quite emotional.” The songs will have the “big kind of epic sound” Queen was famous for, and all of the songs on Queen Forever will be from the 1980s, a time when, as May phrased it: “we were in full flight.”

As if news of a new Queen album, tentatively to be titled Queen Forever, featuring previously unreleased songs and vocals by Freddie Mercury wasn’t enough, Brian May also announced during the same interview that he was working with Ben Elton on another stage musical, a sequel to the previous one they collaborated on, “We Will Rock You.”

Queen is set to tour this summer, with Adam Lambert as their lead singer. The 19-date tour will kick off in Chicago on June 19. It hasn’t been announced at this time if Queen will include any of the songs that will be on Queen Forever in the tour. In 1991, Freddie Mercury tragically passed away from complications of AIDS.

Queen is known for their sweeping, orchestral style of music. For years, they racked up hit after hit, from songs like “Lily of the Valley” and “Killer Queen” to ones such as “We Are the Champions,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Somebody to Love,” and “Fat Bottomed Girls.” If Queen Forever contains any track at all that is the equal of any of these, it will be an album well worth waiting for.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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