Unsupervised Toddler Falls to His Death From Daycare Roof [Video]

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Daylan Walker Fell to His Death From Daycare RoofA toddler has fallen to his death after climbing to the roof of a daycare his mother entrusted with his care. Two-year-old Daylan Walker had only been attending the licensed daycare center located at 129 Columbia Road in Dorchester, Massachusetts for two and a half weeks. The “center” which has a capacity of six children is run by Marisol Rondon-Ramos. The daycare’s license has been suspended following the tragic death of this toddler who fell from the roof of the four-story building.

It is currently not known how Daylan managed to go from the first floor of the building all the way to the roof unnoticed. Tito Jackson, Boston City Councilor, said

The accident occurred when the two-year-old went exploring. Unfortunately, it appears that the toddler was left unattended at some point and sadly, part of our future is now gone.

The child’s mother, Leonella Rivera, is furious and overwhelmed with grief. She has since been hospitalized as a result. This mother wants answers concerning how her only child was lost to such tragedy.

Unsupervised Toddler Falls to His Death From Daycare RoofThe boy’s grandmother, Lucrecia Rivera, said she had just spoken to her daughter following a text message the daycare provider had sent her stating her son was fine and quietly playing. Fifteen minutes later her daughter received a picture stating the child was fine. Another fifteen minutes later her daughter, Leonella, received a call from the police stating that her son was at the Boston Medical Center.

Lucrecia said Daylan did not have access to the stairs in the building even if he exited the apartment. There were two controlled access doors which would have prevented him from getting up there alone. She said her family wants answers and justice. There are many families who drop their kids off at daycare because they have to work; they trust their child will be well taken care of and would never suspect them to end up in a grave.

Daylan’s distraught grandmother said, “This is a nightmare” as she sobbed painfully. She recalled how her grandson had cried on Wednesday morning before he was dropped off. He kept saying he did not want her to leave him there. Lucrecia said, of her only grandson, he was the light of their house. She felt horrible for not being there to save him from this tragedy and would have rather died herself in his stead.

The toddler’s mother said he had only been going to the daycare for two and a half weeks. She cried, “This is not fair; Daylan Walker Fell to his death from daycarenothing like this should happen to any mother.” Leonella said her son was just a baby, he was just growing up. She continued through her tears, “This death of my son cannot just stay like this; we need to find out what really happened.”

One witness, 23-year-old Shanitqua Steele, said she was heading home after dropping of her 2-year-old son at school when she heard sirens blaring and saw neighbors crowding around the Dorchester building. As she drew closer, the woman said she saw a toddler lying at the base of the apartment building face down. When the emergency crews arrived and turned the child over his eyes were open but he did not move.

Shanitqua said the emergency workers took off the baby’s clothes to check his body. The witness said she was devastated to learn that this was a baby, still wearing a diaper. She kept thinking this could have been my baby, she wished she could have done something or had been there to try and catch him.

Urban Edge is the company which owns the building that housed the daycare. The city’s Inspectional Service Department has issued a violation report, following the child’s death, that found the door leading to the room must be “manually slammed shut” in order to activate the panic hardware. The president and chief executive officer of Urban Edge, Christal Kornegay said, “We’re deeply saddened by the tragedy and are cooperating with all the authorities.”

On Wednesday morning two-year-old Daylan Walker fell to his death after climbing to the roof of a daycare his mother entrusted with his care. The daycare facility located at 129 Columbia Road in Dorchester, Massachusetts is run by Marisol Rondon-Ramos. The people who know her said she is a very nice and responsible lady. Following the tragic death of this little boy the license for the daycare has been suspended.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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