Using the Internet and Voting From Home

In an effort to catch up with the times we live in, some members of the Democratic Party are considering allowing voters to enter their ballots at home, via the internet. The method is being planned out in hopes of expanding their voter base, as well as possibly allowing those who cannot vote through conventional means, a way to have their voices heard. The method has been considered before, but during a recent meeting of the Democratic National Committee, the idea was brought up once again and some headway was made into making it a reality.

The idea was pushed forth by Iowa Democrats during a recent meeting of the Iowa Democratic Committee. They are hoping to bring the plans into fruition by the 2016 Presidential Election. They believe that making the process a reality will help them secure another win.

Iowa Democrats spokeswoman Christina Freundlich spoke to FOX News regarding the possibility. “We’re looking at different options. Democrats are always looking at ways to get more people in 2016 to participate in the Democratic process.”

The Iowa Democrats brought forth the idea, as well as several others during a recent Democratic National Committee meeting. They say that they have  conducted interviews  through “listening tours”, with current registered voters explaining that they were confused or experienced difficulty with casting their ballots in person. These “tours” included party activists, various labor organization members, caucus members and election campaign consultants.

The possibility of allowing people to vote via the internet from home does provide added bonuses. Other than bringing in more voters, voters who are registered and yet are unable to personally cast their vote can do so. It could potentially allow veterans stationed in other countries, absentee voters and many others to be a part of the election. The Iowa Democrats are requesting that Republicans consider the option as well, but there are some who believe that the possibility of voting on the internet will cause more harm than good. Mike Baker, a political strategists, questioned the many problems with signing up for Obamacare and wondered if that should raise a red flag regarding the idea for voting for the next leader of the United States.

“They same people who were behind the Obamacare website fiasco that is still being remedied,” he said.

Hans von Spakovsky, a member of the Heritage Foundation, called the entire consideration of a presidential vote on the internet a “bad idea” and believes that the option of internet voting would not happen in the “forseeable future”. However, it has already happened, at least in Michigan. In 2004, The Michigan Democratic Party allowed votes to be cast via e-mail.

There might be a possibility of using the internet and voting from home at some point in the future, but that time is not now. However, one member of the Iowa Republican Party, Danny Carroll, knows that if either party is hoping for a victory, something needs to change.

“We want to try to provide as many assets to the caucus,” he admitted to FOX News. “But we’re only equipped to do so much.”

By Jonathan Brown

FOX News
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