Veterinarian Loses License Over Mistreating Dogs, Gains Community Support

veterinarian A veterinarian in Fort Worth. TX was arrested this week after a warrant was issued over mistreating dogs. He kept a total of five dogs alive in his clinic, despite the fact that they were supposed to be euthanized. The initial investigation resulted in him losing his license, but since then, he has gained support from the community, who have started a petition and plan to help him get his license reinstated.

Millard Lucien Tierce is the 71-year-old veterinarian accused of animal cruelty. He is the owner of the Camp Bowie Animal Clinic. Officials raided the clinic after receiving a complaint and getting a warrant to search the property. They took two dogs in their possession and arrested Tierce. He was released from the Tarrant County Jail on a $10,000 bond, but also lost his license to practice veterinary medicine.

At first, he denied the charges against him, saying that it was a disgruntled former employee who was making up the charges. Though the employee was involved with his practices coming to light, it was a couple who actually filed the complaint against the veterinarian after finding out that their dog, who was scheduled to be euthanized last fall, had been kept alive for the purpose of giving blood transfusions to other dogs.

The veterinarian had agreed to euthanize a dog, but could not follow through with it, he later admitted. The former employee he mentioned, Mary Brewer, stated that she quit her job at the clinic because she disagreed with his practices.

Brewer did not feel right about the dog that belonged that had been kept alive without his family knowing it. The dog in question was five-year-old Sid, who belonged to Jamie and Marion Harris. The couple was told by Tierce last fall that Sid had a degenerative spinal condition. After his condition deteriorated, the family agreed to put him to sleep. It was Brewer who shed light on the situation. She called the couple when she quit working for the veterinarian. She though they had a right to know that their dog was still alive. The couple has since filed a complaint accusing him of animal mistreatment. After being lied to about Sid’s condition, he is now back home with the couple.

Teirce’s wrongdoings go beyond just the situation with Sid, however. He reportedly kept four other dogs alive, including his own, which should have been euthanized. His own border collie was among the mistreated dogs. The dog was found with a missing leg, a dislocated leg and dislocated shoulders. After an exam by another veterinarian, the dog appeared to be suffering from a neurological disorder and was in poor health overall. He was finally laid to rest. Investigators also found jarred animals organs in his clinic. As a result Tierce lost his license to practice veterinarian medicine, which he has held since 1966.

While some clients are speaking out in concern and needing to know whether their dogs were put to sleep or were also kept alive and mistreated, others still show support for Tierce. Despite the allegations for mistreating dogs, he has gained support from the community. In fact, long-time clients have started a petition to show their support. One client, Talia Lydick, stands behind him since he has helped her with her pets for the last 30 years. She intends to take the petition and speak to a board who will decide if the veterinarian’s license to practice should be reinstated.

By Tracy Rose


Daily News

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