Vladimir Putin Compared to Hitler by Prince Charles Who Reveals Bitterness

Vladimir PutinBitterness is revealed by Prince Charles who recently compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler. Since it has come to light just how wealthy the Russian president is this appears to be stuck in the craw of the heir of England. Although it is unclear the exact nature of these leader’s wealth, it appears likely that Putin is leaving England in the dust.

Rumored to have a budding 70 billion dollar fortune, Vladimir Putin may be making a grand return to the style of the Czars of old. He topped the list of Forbes most powerful people of 2013, and was voted the most popular leader in the world. In the United Kingdom’s Voting Independent magazine, Putin attracted a whopping 70 percent of the global vote. With his recent actions in Syria and the Ukraine, it is clear people respond to confidence more than caution.

From Russia’s perspective, their recent actions are entirely justified. Russia does not look to the West for support or affirmation. However, Putin does have the love of the Russian people. One example sets his leadership far apart from other world leaders. Vladimir Putin passed the “Private Garden Plot Act” in 2003. This law gives free land (1 hectare, 2.2 acres) to Russian citizens for private gardening. Food grown on this free land is free from tax and the land stays in the family through inheritance. These small plot gardeners (dachniks) grow the majority of Russia’s food. In 1999, these free land plots produced 90 percent of Russia’s potatoes, 77 percent of vegetables, 87 percent of fruits, and so on.

This means that Russia is growing the majority of its food sustainably, organically, and free of genetic modification. This change was advocated by Russian Vladimir Megre, the writer of the Ringing Cedars of Russia novels. These non-fiction books detail a vision for abundance and a wealth of intimacy with the land that will make Russia the envy of the world. These sustainable practices will not only create the best-tasting food, but will go a long way toward purifying the air and environment of the country. This will make Russia a sought after vacation destination on our rapidly polluted planet. In the first book of the series, Anastasia, this vision was proposed to position the country to thrive. This desire to thrive is in the heart of every man and woman, however some governments are more responsive to this human need to have a relationship with the earth.

Giving away land for free and seeing a massive growth in natural food production while amassing huge wealth has unearthed frustration in the global community. Putin’s choices have been called foolish and irresponsible by global critics. Prince Charles may be revealing what many bitter and confused world leaders feel about Vladimir Putin, criticizing him through comparison to Hitler and ignoring the fact that he is so well loved. The royal family etiquette discourages sharing political views, but to many the honesty is refreshing. To check Russia’s expansion and influence, the U.S. and its allies are placing economic sanctions, but keeping their distance from Russia’s military might.

With the changes occurring in technology, the economy, and the environment, those who are most influential on the planet are shifting. New values will emerge over the next few decades, and new ways of relating with wealth and how to generate it will react to the health of a nation’s relationship with their land. This is a trend that many Western countries are in denial of, believing military might and technology can create what is lacking in a holistically functioning symbiosis with nature. Prince Charles’s bitter comparison of Vladimir Putin to Hitler reveals that this trend is already well underway. More proof of Russia’s keen moves will emerge over time.

By Grace Pollari

The Bovine
The Seattle Times
New York Daily News

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