Walter White Will Be in Breaking Bad Prequel and May Have Survived Finale

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Walter White Will Be in Breaking Bad Prequel and May Have Survived Finale

Walter White will be returning in the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, according to reports in and other sources. What isn’t quite clear is exactly how he will return, in a series of flashbacks, flash-forwards, both, or in some other fashion, perhaps as Jesse Pinkman’s teacher, which he was in Breaking Bad. And, what’s more, Byran Cranston, who played Walter White, has stated that Walter might not have died in the series finale, at all, despite presumed appearances.

A source who spoke to reportedly said that in whatever manner Walter White appears in Better Call Saul, for which AMC has ordered 24 episodes, it won’t be done “as a gimmick.” The appearance of Walter White “will actually mean something when they do it.”

Also, in a recent interview with Ashleigh Banfield of CNN, actor Bryan Cranston said that in the series finale, “you never saw bags zip up or anything.” If Walter White didn’t actually die of his wounds in the Breaking Bad finale, that leaves open the possibility that at some future time, AMC might resurrect the series. Perhaps in “dying” Walter White finally succeeded in taking the heat off of himself, and he’ll continue his illegal ways elsewhere, maybe in both a movie, as some have suggested, and a continuation of Breaking Bad, maybe with a slightly different name, like Breaking Badder.

Whether or not Walter White survived the finale of Breaking Bad, he will be in the prequel, Better Call Saul. The series will center on the sleazy but often humorous Breaking Bad character, shyster lawyer Saul Goodman, who represented Walter White and who was played by Bob Odenkirk.

Aaron Paul will return in Better Call Saul as Jesse Pinkman, and Ann Gunn, who played Walter’s wife, Skyler, is another possible addition to the cast. Also, Saul’s P.I. and “fixer,” Michael “Mike” Ehrmantraut, will be reprising his role. A new addition will be Michael McKean, playing the gifted lawyer Dr. Thurber, who has what’s been termed as a “strange affliction.”

As far as the return of Walter white goes, the source who spoke to said that viewers should “expect the return of Walter White in some way, shape or form in the new show.” With Anna Gunn reprising her role as Skyler, it’s likely that Bryan Cranston will appear with hair, looking younger, as Jesse Pinkman’s high school chemistry teacher. However, if he does, that doesn’t rule out that he might also appear in flashbacks and/or flash-forwards.

Breaking Bad fans have been eagerly anticipating the premiere of Better Call Saul, as Jesse Pinkman and Saul Goodman will both appear in it as major characters. now, with the news that Walter White will also play an important role in the series, anticipation will likely increase to an even higher level. What’s more, there is hope that one day, AMC will order more episodes of Breaking Bad, or a sequel to it which stars Bryan Cranston as Walter White, and — if his cancer has once again gone into remission, there could be many more seasons of Breaking Bad yet to come.

Written by: Douglas Cobb