Warren Buffett a Powerful Enemy

warren buffettRecent revelations that billionaire Warren Buffett has given over $1.2 billion dollars to abortion groups seems to tell a story on its own. Unlike a normal person who can contribute to an organization on a limited basis, the ultra-wealthy have the ability to radically affect trends, results and opinions with their influence. Even the smallest voice can be booming when backed with stacks of hard currency. Buffett’s contribution to the slaying of the unborn might make him the single most powerful enemy they have.

Buffett’s cash contributions to the industry are the equivalent of 2.7 million abortions performed in the first trimester. To equate that in terms one can understand, Chicago Illinois has the same amount of people living in it. The two atomic bombings of Japan in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, which are considered devastating losses of human life, totaled 225,000 casualties combined. The amount of death Warren Buffet’s cash can fund are truly astronomical, even when compared to nuclear bombs.

When settlements for wrongful death or injury are settled in a court, many times lost wages, that is the supposed amount of earned income the injured would have made in an average working lifespan, are calculated. There is an automatic assumption of a person’s potential that is tabulated; even in a monetary way, people have value.

For some reason the pro-choice side of the abortion argument never sees the potential of a human life down the road. Aborted children are systematically labeled as unwanted or accidental, and all the lives that never were, are never given a speck of potential for the future. Warren Buffett has wielded his tremendous wealth like a sword, and eliminated every ounce of potential that ever could be for millions of lives.

Strangely, many in the “billionaire club” seem to share a vision of the world with each other. Bill Gates, arguably the richest man on the planet, along with fellow billionaires, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, David Rockefeller and of course Warren Buffett, congregated to conspire using their vast wealth to bring the world’s population under control.

At the meeting, Bill Gates outlined a plan to stop the global population at 8.3 billion; about a billion less than currently projected. This would mean stopping or controlling people from having children at an alarming rate. The determining factors as to who decides who gets to have children or not was not revealed in the Times article, but with private citizens discussing such ideologies and being backed with the kind of riches they have access to, they could be a potential families most powerful enemy.

The real problem is that when populations are discussed as detrimental, it is the poor and underdeveloped that are being referred to most often. The wealthy and relatively unproductive populous of Malibu for example, for all their combined net worth, don’t do much for the average person. The projected image of being important and productive seems to give them a higher status. In reality the average teacher, struggling to make ends meet, probably has a greater impact on daily life.

warren buffettHaving the kind of wealth that they do, Warren Buffett and the other billionaires seem to have elevated themselves to a position that can change the way people live. Unfortunately this does not mean they necessarily have people’s best interests in mind, but rather their own ideological visions of how things should be, irrespective of who is affected.

So many talented and dynamic people from our history might never have been if the likes of these powerful enemies to life and freedom of choice had their way generations ago. In fact, it might have been their voice that had been silenced before it had a chance to speak, and the perspective of that should make them stop and think. Warren Buffett is getting older, and should have a lot to reflect on, but wealth does strange things to people, and can turn successful innovators into a powerful enemy.

Opinion by J. Benjamin

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