Woman Survives Six Days Trapped in Car After Tragic Accident [Video]

Kristin Hopkins Survived Six Days Trapped in Car After Tragic AccidentA Colorado woman survived six days while trapped inside her car after a horrible accident. Kristin Hopkins was reported by her family as missing on April 29. She was found six days later after her car was seen at the bottom of a mountainous slope. The 43-year-old woman was alive and coherent at the time she was rescued.

Park County Undersheriff Monte Gore said a man and his wife were driving along a mountain highway located near Red Hill Pass when they saw the wreckage of a car on Sunday. Andy Lombard said he just happened to look out of the window at the right time and place. He saw a horrific crash scene in the aspen trees.

Andy got out of the car and hiked down the 140 foot slope to the crash site. He said he knelt down and peered through the tinted windows and thought he saw a dead body inside.  After seeing a body inside of the vehicle, which was upside down, he went back to the car where his wife Hope had remained and they drove to the sheriff’s office to report they found a body in a wrecked car.

Gore said once emergency crews reached the accident scene they found Hopkins inside of her car alive. Lt. James Cravener, one of the first firefighters on the scene said Hopkins pressed her hand against the window of the car. She also showed them notes she had written on an umbrella which she has displayed through the broken rear windshield.

Cravener, of the North-West Fire Protection District, said she was using the umbrella as a distress signal. Hopkins had written a few notes such as, “Six days with no water or food, Please help, am bleeding and Need a doctor.” He said it was really like something off the “Shouldn’t Be Alive” show. She really had a strong will to survive and was trying to get anyone’s attention on the rural scenic route.

According to a hospital spokeswoman, this single mother of four from Highlands Ranch was in critical condition on Monday at St. Anthony Hospital in suburban Denver. She suffered multiply injuries and had to have both her feet amputated.Woman Survives Six Days Trapped in Car After Tragic Accident

Spokesman for the Colorado State Patrol, Trooper Nate Reid, said Hopkins appeared to have spun off the road, after losing control of her vehicle on a curve. Her car then rolled several times as it traveled down the embankment before it finally rested upside down.

At the time of the accident Hopkins was driving on Highway 285 headed southbound. It is believed her Chevrolet Malibu was actually airborne, striking several trees before it rolled down the embankment. Surprisingly, although badly injured and severely dehydrated, she was conscious and coherent when rescue crews reached her.

Several rescue teams had to join together to get Hopkins out of her wrecked vehicle. The intense rescue operation included the efforts of South Park Ambulance, Fairplay Police Department, Park County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol, Jefferson-Como Fire Protection District and North-West Fire Protection District.

Once they successfully pulled her to safety she was immediately place on a Flight for Life helicopter and transported to the hospital. Her rescuers are all amazed that Hopkins was alive; they consider her a miracle.

Kristin M. Hopkins survived six days while trapped inside her car after a tragic accident. On April 29th her family reported her missing, but are relived and surprised to find that she fought for her life and was alive and coherent at the time she was rescued.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


NY Daily News

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