’22 Jump Street’ Receives Mixed Viewpoints

22 Jump Street
22 Jump Street the movie has been in the making for quite some time now, and people finally had a chance to see it on the widescreen on June 13. Critics have many mixed viewpoints on the new movie. Peter Lord and Christopher Miller, who were the producers of the first movie, said the sequel was delayed because casting directors wanted to make sure the cast would fit all the parts effectively enough to portray the ideals of the story.

For the fans of the former television series, 22 Jump Street is a must see for all generations. Many people who frequently watched the TV series are in the phases of their lives where their children are now young adults. The movie setting is primarily on a college campus and depicts the modern-day version of college life.

After watching the movie sequel, 54-year-old George Adams said viewing the movie together with your adult children or simply sharing a discussion on how the new movie [22 Jump Street] relates to the TV series [21 Jump Street] helps keep up communication between loved ones from different generations.

Carlene Diaz, who also viewed the new movie 22 Jump Street with a colleague, remembered all of the series of 21 Jump Street. Diaz said, “it would help if the producers created a 22 Jump Street  TV series. My associate and I enjoyed the movie so much we would keep up with all of the episodes.”

More mature audience viewers did not relate to the movie’s viewpoints. Producer Phil Lord said although the movie is an action based comedy, the storyline is also dramatic. The movie 22 Jump Street opens with some similar scenes and issues from the TV show 21 Jump Street, such as the opening scenes and the storyline.

22 Jump Street is primarily about the still-rookie cops Schmidt, depicted by Jonah Hill, and Jenko, depicted by Channing Tatum. They both flunked high school and graduated from the same police academy where they earned their badges to defend the law.

Their boss Captain Dickson, played by Ice Cube, assigns the duo to investigate a suspected dealer that is selling a new drug called WHYPHY. As the operations wind down, Hill and Tatum both have epiphanies about their lives. Producers Lord and Miller also added many new characters and topics to portray a modern depiction of the older version.

Some critics said even though the movie has an R rating, the script does not contain a mature point of view. 22 Jump Street is packed with jokes minute by minute and also filled with not-so-funny satire and cynicism. Those who expected the movie to be filled with action packed scenes may have negative reactions because some of the leads’ one-liners sounded very offensive.

Critics who viewed 22 Jump Street also had mixed reactions to the film. What might be a laugh riot for some people, others could have experienced some cringeworthy moments, especially for those with certain learning disabilities. Miller responded to mixed viewpoints by stating, “22 Jump Street is a comedy that appeals to a younger audience.” Shortly after 22 Jump Street made its debut on June 13, the movie went into the top position at the box office and has already grossed $1 billion in ticket sales.

By Kimakra Nealy

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