Adrian Peterson Partners With Mylan for Anaphylaxis Awareness Program

Adrian Peterson

Pro running back Adrian Peterson is launching a new educational program for anaphylaxis awareness, working in partnership with the pharmaceutical company Mylan, Inc., in gearing up for a campaign called Ready2Go. The campaign is designed to educate those affected by severe allergies, and how to possibly fatal allergic reactions  like Anaphylaxis.

The program was spawned by a recent survey which indicated that 50 percent of parents who have children with severe allergies would not know how to proceed if their child experienced anaphylaxis.

Peterson notes that since sharing his experience with anaphylaxis, a great number of people have responded by admitting that they would not know what to do should they ever experience such an allergic reaction. The 2012 MVP player is an epinephrine (EpiPen) auto-injector carrier who was not aware of any life-threatening allergies until he experienced the effects of anaphylaxis two years ago. It was his trainer who was standing nearby that recognized the symptoms and knew what to do. He now stands “ready to go,” armed with two EpiPens at all times. He has put together what he calls an anaphylaxis action plan which will be the basis of his initiative for the anaphylaxis awareness program.

Anaphylaxis can progress quickly and is often life-threatening, but only one in three patients feel that they can manage it should they experience it. Epinephrine is a first-line treatment for anaphylaxis. An EpiPen is a medicinal auto-injector should be utilized at the first sign of any symptoms, in addition to seeking emergency medical treatment. Peterson wants to emphasize the need for allergy sufferers to be prepared.

His Ready2Go anaphylaxis plan simply instructs one to:

Be Prepared: People should have an understanding of what their allergy triggers are and make sure they avoid them. They should recognize the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis and always have access to two EpiPen injectors.

Be ready to respond: Once recognized that anaphylaxis is indeed occurring, people should be ready to use their EpiPen injector and seek emergency medical treatment.

The Peterson and Mylan Inc. awareness program for anaphylaxis is being launched via a Ready2Go Draft which will include a nationwide search for children and young adults ages 5 to 18 who have life-threatening allergies. The children and young adults will share their tips on preparedness. Selections will take place via the Parents or caregivers who must go to There they can nominate their teen or child to to be a part of the Ready2Go MVP Team.   A 30 second video must be submitted demonstrating what they do to be ready to go. The video must include a note on how each child prepares their own anaphylaxis action plan.  The will be three winners.  The winners will be a part of an instructional video shoot alongside Peterson. The contest closes on July 15. More information can be found at

Peterson’s partner Mylan is a global pharmaceutical company. They are committed to setting new standards in healthcare. Mylan, Inc. will be working alongside Peterson in his public awareness program on anaphylaxis. Ready2Go is a trademark of Mylan, Inc.

By Janet Walters Levite

ABC News

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