After Large Manhunt, Ryan Chamberlain Is Finally Arrested

Ryan Chamberlain

According to officials with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Ryan Chamberlain, a media consultant from San Francisco who has been the target of a major manhunt has finally been arrested. FBI officials have been searching for 42 year old Ryan Kelly Chamberlain II since last weekend. The search began after explosives and deadly chemicals were found in his apartment. Officials had searched his apartment in the Russian Hill area of San Francisco for 14 hours.  San Francisco policemen and agents for the FBI were seen advancing on Chamberlain’s vehicle just a little before 7 pm and they approached with great caution in the event that there were also explosives in the automobile.

Law enforcement officials responded around 4 pm to a 911 emergency call from someone who believed he had seen Chamberlain. The caller reported seeing Chamberlain at the “Mad Dog in the Fog” bar located in the Haight district of San Francisco and FBI agents were still conducting interviews in the area.

Because of the arrest, Chamberlain is no longer listed by law enforcement and media officials as an immediate threat.  Hours earlier, what appeared to be a suicide note and a tweet had been posted from the man’s internet accounts.

According to at least two sources who have knowledge of the ongoing investigation, Chamberlain, who is not only a political consultant but a well-known social media expert , is not really one to be considered a threat to the safety of the American public.  He had been recently called dangerous by media officials and was said to be armed. Someone had posted Monday on what appears to be Chamberlain’s Twitter account that nothing that was being reported by the media is true.

A suicide note was also found on an iCloud account. Neither message could be verified by local media officials and the FBI refused to make any comment  on the three page note scheduled on the social media dashboard service Hootsuite which was set to be released on Monday for everyone to see.

Many media reporting agencies, including San Francisco Weekly, had reported that the suicide letter was posted on Facebook. However, by 12 pm on Monday, the note could still not be found on Facebook.  However, several posters were talking about it and even sending out a link to the iCloud account.

The note provides details about Chamberlain’s psychological diagnosis of depression. In addition, there were details about his mother, whom he referred to as addicted to religion. He said that his mother was sure that the rapture would come at any given moment and was obsessed with watching for it. The note also recalls a 2003 event when he felt excluded from any gratitude for helping Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom win the San Francisco mayoral election.

The author of the letter, allegedly Chamberlain, wrote of life’s two needs: a purpose and a person.  The author of the letter said that having someone fall in love with him was all he had ever really desired. He said that he had seen it happen to many people but for some reason, it never happened to him.  The letter said that if anyone was reading it, it probably meant that they no longer knew each other and an explanation was necessary.  The writer of the letter said that he has struggled with depression further back than he could remember and was now taking time to say goodbye to friends and family according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle.  The writer said that the letter was being posted for delayed delivery on Hootsuite.

The previously mentioned two sources told media authorities that the FBI used an extraordinary amount of caution in issuing an all points bulletin to law enforcement on local, state, and federal levels advising officers to be on the defensive if in a position to deal with Chamberlain. They were especially concerned when considering that explosive materials had been taken from his home on Saturday.   It was also believed that Chamberlain had family in several other states so officials wanted to be sure to cover a large area. Most still believed that he was in the northern part of California.

In a press conference on Sunday, spokesman Peter Lee said that some rumors needed to be dispelled. Some reports had said that the FBI had found ricin or other biological or chemical threats in Chamberlain’s home. Though this was not the case, Lee did acknowledge that they had found explosives at the residence.

Chamberlain weighs around 225 pounds and is 6’3″ tall. He has brown hair and blue eyes and before the sighting at the bar, had been spotted driving a white Nissan Altima with either a Texas or California license plate. A photo provided by the FBI was also circulated.

One director of a San Francisco consulting agency said that Chamberlain had been employed by almost every area political consulting business at some time or other. He said many in that business had known Ryan Chamberlain for years as a result of years of working with him on various campaigns.

In the 2012 season of the National Football League, Chamberlain had tweeted and posted links as an independent contractor for the San Francisco Chronicle. The purpose of the posts and tweets was to increase coverage for the San Francisco 49ers iPad application.  Recently, Chamberlain had done public relations work for several marketing and apparel and marketing companies.

According to his online resume, Ryan Chamberlain graduated from Iowa State University in 1993 with majors in journalism and political science and first began a career as a music journalist in the Des Moines area.  He wrote music reviews for The Des Moines Register in 1995 and 1996. Some of his work included giving reviews of concerts of Hootie and the Blowfish, Brooks and Dunn, and Van Halen.

Ryan Chamberlain had also worked previously as a director of promotion at a Hooter’s restaurant in Des Moines. He had also reportedly worked in the Washington, D.C. office of Senator Chuck Grassley. However, calls to Grassley’s office on Sunday did not yield any confirmation of Chamberlain having ever been employed there. Later, he would move to San Francisco, and he made a run for a spot on the County Central Committee for the San Francisco Republican party. This is the organization responsible for making endorsements and governing the local party. However, one source said that Chamberlain had recently become a Democrat.

Those who knew Ryan Chamberlain well are really puzzled and surprised by the news surrounding their colleague and friend.  It was their hope that he would turn himself in before he got  into more trouble. They were not sure what he was thinking or if he is indeed guilty of the alleged actions for which he stands accused. It is their hope that the entire truth will come out. Now that the manhunt is over and the arrest of  Ryan Chamberlain has been made, that is bound to happen soon.

By Rick Hope

ABC News



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