Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It

Day one of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con was brilliant and I was loving it, so was the crowd. The atmosphere at the event was friendly, fun, encouraging, and exciting. There were a number of well known comic artists and writers. The number of cosplay costumes were too many to count and ran from the scary, Spawn to the more child friendly, Pokemon.

Emphasis on the first day of the show was on family, it will also be the focus on the final day. Families attended dressed as their favorite characters.In one instance a grownup Wonder Woman was accompanied with a “Mini Me” version of herself. In this case the smaller WW was obviously her daughter.

It was easily the most convivial event of any kind that I have been privileged to attend. Exhibitors were all helpful and enthusiastic. Literally minutes after getting into the conference hall, I was able to meet the Winner Twins. These two talented young ladies, Brittany and Brianna, are award winning authors who scribed the Strand series.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It
The Winner Twins, aka Brittany and Brianna.

Apart from taking time from dealing with an increasing number of fans at their booth, they took the time to pose for a picture or two – or three – with fans. They reminded me that their panel was tomorrow and what time, 1300 hours aka one o’clock p.m. They also revealed that in order to get it, I should get there early. It also looks like they will take time to have a quick chat with the Guardian Liberty Voice after their panel. As I said, lovely ladies.

They were not the only well known entities at day one of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. There were a number of other booths filled with lesser, and equally well known, folks in the world of comic conventions. These folks were also apparently “loving it” at the conference as well. This seems to be the one type of event where passion runs high but not in a negative way.

There was no pushing or cutting in the queue to get ahead of the person at the front. People were polite and said “excuse me” if they happened to bump into another member of this happy crowd. The folks who were dressed up in their cosplay outfits all gladly stopped and posed for photos. It does take the novice Comic Con attendee, like me, a bit of time to get over feeling intrusive by asking for photographs. Cosplayers spend a lot of time on the re-creation of their favorite characters and cannot wait to be asked. At least that is the way it seems.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It
Missing in Action, BOLO for Holly and Jessica…

Speaking to folks at the function it seemed that all of them were excited to hear that this was my first Comic Con. They all encouraged me to “have a go” as age, in the world of Cosplay and the conventions it has spawned, is not an issue. There were a couple of disappointments, however.

Both Holly Conrad and Jessica Merizan were no shows on day one. The Crabcat table was forlornly empty, as was the Alana Rose booth. No one seemed to know just what happened to the two Heroes of Cosplay stars, but hopes are high that they will be there for day two. Alana Rose is set to do an exhibit with VegasPG, another young lady who is not only quite the beauty, but friendly and passionate about cosplay. She was also very supportive and VegasPG gave a example of just how this older chap could join in the cosplay world.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It

Wandering around all the booths, the artists and inhabitants behind the tables were also friendly to the old “noob” who kept looking in wonder at all that was on offer at the event. One such offering was the Family Feud cosplay game show where costumed teams competed in this television contest in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Also on offer was the Toy Hunter himself, Jordan Hembrough who was signing autographs and talking to his fans over at the Rogue Toys booth. Another lovely chap who took time from interacting with the crowd to have his picture taken with this author.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It
Jordan Hembrough the Toy Hunter.

Meeting local author Cynthia Vespia and Scary Robot Games creator Dustin Adair was a treat and Ms. Vespia will hopefully be a future interview, especially as she relayed great news about one of her novels The Crescent. This book has been optioned for a film and is currently in pre-production. There will hopefully be more about this in tomorrow’s article.

The Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con day one has been a great introduction to the world of comic conventions and cosplay, so far I am loving all of it, the booths, the cosplayers, the amount of artists available to interact with and the great atmosphere. Perhaps the only complaint would be about the long lines to get served at the concession stand. Stay tuned for day two.

Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day One: Loving It
The Winner Twins. Posing with the old guy.

By Michael Smith