Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con: The Heroes of Cosplay Interview

*Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad Spill the Beans*

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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con: the Heroes of Cosplay Interview

On the last day of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con two Heroes of Cosplay gave the Guardian Liberty Voice an interview. Taking time from their busy schedule, Jessica Merizan and Holly Conrad took a moment to sit down and talk and reveal a bit about themselves. The audio-only interview is down below and on YouTube.

A short overview of this little chat was covered in the last article of the Comic Con, titled Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day 3 Cosplay Heroes Cynthia Vespia & Winner Twins and can be read by following the link below this story. If, however, you are devout fans of both Jessica and Holly, you will most likely want to hear their delightful voices answering the GLV’s questions

Despite being particularly frigid in that section of the Comic Con, their booth was besieged with arctic blasts from the cooling system at the conference section of South Point Casino, Resort and Spa the two talented ladies spoke with the GLV for over a half-hour. The black, white and green knitted throw was necessary to keep the two ladies from freezing throughout this long question and answer session.

Amongst the many things revealed in the interview, was just how they got started in cosplay, how long they have known each other – a long time, since middle school actually – and just how they were cast in the SyFy television reality show.

It turns out that the Heroes of Cosplay participants are mostly all friends. When Chloe Dykstra was approached with the idea of the show, she asked only that people she knew be included in the cast. Just a side note, Chloe was meant to visit the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con to support her two pals, but the busy cosplayer had to bow out due to other commitments.

Another interesting bit of news is that both Jessica and Holly have a United Kingdom connection. Ms. Merizan went to university for a year in London and Holly did the same, but in Edinburgh. Commander Holly confessed that she keeps a supply of the English brand (Heinz) of baked beans in her kitchen cupboard for “beans on toast.”

Culinary treats aside, both the ladies expressed their delight at just how family oriented the Comic Con in Las Vegas was. They both want to encourage, not just children, but entire families to cosplay together. Through their videos, and the SyFy show, they are continually approached by parents who thank them for helping them, the grownups, to understand what all this cosplay stuff is.

Fans who stopped by the Crabcat booth, thanked both gals for their inspiration. Many were folks who had never attended a Comic Con before. Nor had they ever “dressed up” as a favorite character.

During the cosplay contest on Saturday, which Jessica and Holly compered, one of the winners was a first time competitor who came as Jake Sully from Avatar. There were, as a matter of fact, quite a number of contestants who had never cosplayed before.

Neither of these two Heroes of Cosplay could say whether the show would be back for another season. Their many fans at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con were saddened to think that their favorite cosplayers may not be back on telly next year. However, these two lovely ladies will continue to upload videos on their YouTube channels and inspire those who wish to cosplay. The SyFy show has just two episodes left and both ladies will be in the season finale. Do not change that channel.

By Michael Smith


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con Day 3 Cosplay Heroes Cynthia Vespia & Winner Twins

Jessica Merizan

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