American Idol Season 13 Judges Have All Signed for Season 14

American Idol Season 13 Judges Have All Signed for Season 14

When American Idol returns for its 14th season, host Ryan Seacrest and all three of the judges from last season, Harry Connick Junior, Keith Urban, and Jennifer Lopez, have signed on and will also be back for their second consecutive season together, though the show might be seen just one night a week later in the season, according to E!Online and several other sources.

Simon Fuller, the creator and producer of American Idol, stated that the “interaction, warmth and experience” of the three judges “made them an absolute joy to watch.”

The senior vice president of 21st Century Fox, David Hill, echoed Fuller’s sentiment, saying of the three American Idol judges that “they all share the same passion for helping undiscovered singers achieve the American dream.”

Kevin Reilly, who had been the head honcho at Fox, said before he left that American Idol will likely begin Season 14, at least during the audition stages, in its usual “two-night format.” After the audition stage is over, though, Reilly stated that American Idol will “end up being a two-hour show on one night for most of its run,” according to a report by E!Online.

Season 14 of American Idol will mark the second consecutive season that the thee judges have been together, but it will be J-Lo’s fourth season as a judge, and the third season in a row that Keith Urban will be a judge on the reality-based talent show. This coming season will be the second consecutive one that Harry Connick Junior will be a judge on American Idol.

The news of the return of Ryan Seacrest, and the three judges, J-Lo, Harry Connick Junior, and Keith Urban, is great to hear for everyone who enjoyed their witty banter and interplay during Season 13, but it is not exactly earth-shaking news, as talk that they would all be returning began around the first week of May, and Ryan Seacrest has been American Idol‘s host right from the very beginning.

The three American Idol judges are getting excited and geared up for Season 14. The show helped singers like Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson get their big breaks, and the judges are anxious to work with a whole new season of competitors and see who might be the next American Idol alum who hits it big and becomes famous.

Harry talked about being “fired up” for Season 14 of American Idol, and said, “To imagine the next American Idol winner is walking around somewhere, that is so exciting.”

Keith Urban expressed his desire that all of the judges would stay together for this coming season of American Idol, telling “I feel like we’ve got a good groove going, so I hope we get to keep it going,” and that is exactly what is going to happen.

It is a bit too soon to tell how well the winner of Season 13 of American Idol, Caleb Johnson, will do, because his first album has not hit the stores yet. The same goes for the talented runner-up, Jena Irene. Possibly one or both of them will become major singing sensations, joining Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, and Phillip Phillips as major recording stars that began their careers on American Idol.

All three American Idol judges from Season 13 will be back for Season 14, as well as host of the show, Ryan Seacrest. Auditions for Season 14 of American Idol already began on June 15, in New Orleans, Louisiana. Then, on July 23, the auditions will continue in Long Island, New York. From there, American Idol will hold auditions in Nashville, Tennessee, on July 30. According to Variety, the last auditions will be in San Francisco, California, on September 29.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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