America’s Got Talent and Then Some [Video]

America s Got TalentAmerica’s Got Talent has been bringing one explosive show after the other this season proving they have talent and then some. With hit shows like The Voice and American Idol off the air, America’s Got Talent is fulfilling the void of fans in the off-season.

The premier which aired May 27 had one of the most hilarious pranks ever to be seen on a reality show that features judges. Host, Nick Cannon, pulled off yet another transformation that not only fooled all of the viewers but even had the judges jumping out of their chairs. The joke transformation was reminiscent of when Cannon uploaded a picture of himself on Twitter to promote the host/singers new album, White People Party Music. Cannon uploaded a picture of himself, under the guise of character Connor Smallnut, which transformed the host into a white persona and the photo caused a lot of controversy over the Internet.

During the premiere, a contestant came out dressed like a mime to do, yes, a mime act. When the contestant got X’d by the judges, the silent Mime suddenly began to respond with verbal insults to the judges themselves. The crowd and viewers were in shock when the mime ran off the stage towards the judges panel and had Howie Mandel call for security and even jump out of his seat to move away from the irate contestant. The joke was that it was not a contestant at all, it turned out the mime was none other than Nick Cannon himself. The prank was pulled off to perfection and was, by far, one of the most hilarious tricks ever to be seen on a reality show against its judges.

Proving that America’s Got Talent has much more than just talent, this seasons show seems to have the judges much more involved than previous years. The four judges, Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum and Howard Stern have an interesting chemistry that seems to work well and with this season having them more interactive with the contestants is highly entertaining.

On the episode which aired June 3, Howie Mandel was the brunt of the joke again. Two magicians came out and asked for Mandel to join them on stage to help them perform their pseudoscience act. The magicians explained that by pressing down on certain parts of someones head, certain behaviours could be controlled. The magic team of Leeman and David then preceded to begin by pressing spots on Mandel’s head (while using a glove, of course, for the famed germaphobe) stating that Mandel would now no longer have the ability to read. By using words and phrases that define Mandel, the entertaining act unfolded. Mandel stumbled over words that were shown to the judges and viewers that clearly read his name, the word “germaphobe” and “comedian”. It was a classic moment that had everyone on the floor laughing.

Here are some highlights of the talent that has been aired in both episodes that need mentioning. Dance duo, Blue Journey performed a routine that was breath-taking. Amazingly the couple had only met four days prior to the audition and managed to pull off one of the most hypnotic and visually beautiful acts seen in a long time, if not ever. The dance was performed in front of a screen which played out a multimedia video of the dancers shadows. The act is a definite must see and is at the end of this article for your enjoyment.

Julia Goodwin sang a rendition of New York State of Mind by Billy Joel and took the entire audience and judges to their feet. Not only is the 15-year-old talented but she gave off such an air of innocence and kindness that it was hard for anyone not to love her. Grand master and energy guru, Grand Master Qi and his act may have fallen short but proved to give some huge laughs all the same. Qi needed a translator but it seemed that the translator did not even know how to speak English because she never said a word. Real Encounter performed very dangerous bike stunts that awed everyone and had many clutching their seats and holding their breath.

The show has been proving that America’s Got Talent has much more to offer this season than just that. Cannon deliveries as host with comedic excellence and the judges are just as entertaining, never knowing who will say what or who will be made to do what. If you have never been a fan of the show, do yourself a favor and catch the next episode which airs on Tuesday 8/7c on NBC.

Opinion By Derik L. Bradshaw Sources: NBC Hollywood Life Guardian Liberty Voice

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