Apple: Picture Perfect


With the increase in the quality of images and video, naturally comes a decrease in the available storage on a device, however Apple may have just become picture perfect. The upcoming Apple iCloud Photo Library, announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), may just change the way its users not only store pictures, but actually enjoy their device as well. Many people take so many different pictures, they may not even realize that most of them may go unseen for such a long time. Personal computers may get bogged down, sometimes with in excess of 100GB or more of stored pictures.

Even though people understand this problem they have no desire to go through and delete all of the memories that they may have collected over the years. As picture resolution gets better, people actually tend to want to record even more of their lives. It is completely possible for someone to go and buy an external hard drive, but this is really only a temporary solution. Many different small companies over the years have tried to solve this problem, without success. Companies like ThisLife, and Snapjoy, are simply being bought up by larger ones before they have a real shot.

With Apple iCloud Photo Library photos can be save and viewed anywhere, anytime. Apple also released the pricing for its new program. For $50 USD a year Apple customers will receive 200GB of picture storage, which is amazing for the price. The exact same amount of data storage through Dropbox costs around $200 USD per year, that is a pretty significant difference. This is just one of the many features that will come built into iOS 8, an announcement that has received a lot of media attention all on its own. It seems that the new feature rich Operating System (OS) will fit perfectly, right along the Apple iPhone 6 release later this year, which will also undoubtedly be picture perfect as well.

After upgrading a device to iOS 8, Apple promises that all of the pictures and videos will be placed, in their full resolution, on its iCloud servers. The only problem with this solution is that the amount of money out-of-pocket for the first two years is about $100 USD. For the same amount of money consumers could buy something like a Western Digital 1.5 TB Passport, an external hard drive. Nearly 8 times the amount of iCloud storage offered. Users would not have the same access to their pictures wherever they go, but they also would save money on not using as much data. Many of the pictures on phones, once they have reached picture-taking capacity, are not really used right away. Most people who want to post a picture to Instagram, for example, take the picture right at the moment and then post it. Then it just sits there on the phone never moving until it is deleted later. With an external hard drive, like the one mentioned above users would simply plug-in their phones to their laptops, or desktops, and upload there now unused pictures.

Not all people think the same way, and some people take so many pictures that they may not even have the space to save them anymore. They know who they are. However, the point is to record moments in life, even the small ones that might seem insignificant, because they will reflect the beauty of living through each persons own eyes. Apple knows that keeping those memories, for some, means the world, and so they promise to keep them picture perfect.

Opinion by Phillip Schmidt


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