Bachelorette: A Happy Ending


Former “Bachelorette” Emily Maynard has a happy ending after all. Fox News reported this past weekend that the beautiful blonde has married the man of her dreams, Tyler Johnson.

Emily was engaged to Bachelor star Brad Womack prior to winning the competition on the 2011 show. She was also engaged to Bachelorette contestant Jef Holm. Emily explained to People that for a very long time she was very embarrassed about her past television reputation.

According to reports, Emily married Tyler Johnson this past weekend and the two managed to make it a great surprise. The couple has been engaged since January and the Bachelorette alum has finally gotten her fairy tale happy ending after all.  The couple celebrated a very intimate wedding in Sharon, South Carolina on her new husband Tyler’s family farm and the entire affair, from the planning up to the beautiful country wedding was a carefully kept secret.

According to sources, the bride wore a pastel pink colored Modern Trousseau gown along with a pair of cowboy boots. Tyler awaited Emily under a white oak tree as she walked down a pathway illuminated by lanterns. Emily’s eight-year-old daughter Ricky was the maid of honor. When Tyler proposed to Emily, not only did he give her a ring, he gave Ricky a piece of jewelry as well.

Family members, along with friends and loved ones, were shocked to find out the so-called engagement party turned out to be an actual wedding. Around 200 guests attended.

Emily has related, to many different sources, how grateful she is to have Tyler in her life. The couple met just before Maynard began filming for Bachelorette’s spring 2012 series. Emily’s first engagement to Brad Womack ended in May of 2011.

Maynard appeared on Good Morning America in January, and told the hosts of the show that they met at church. “We started as friends, I think that is why our relationship is so good now,” Maynard said. Emily’s daughter Ricky loves Tyler just like he is her own father. Ricky’s father, Ricky Henrick, was killed in a plane crash before Ricky was born.

Emily told reporters from New York Daily News how fast her daughter and new hubby bonded. “Ricky adores Tyler, he is very good with her. He loves her as if she was his own daughter.” She also adds that it has been great watching their relationship grow. She spoke further about how she knew God was responsible for uniting them.

Automotive management consultant Tyler took Emily’s hand in marriage on June 7, 2014 at sunset. The new family, Emily, Tyler and Ricky plan to move into a home in Charlotte, North Carolina.

This was Emily’s fourth engagement. Bachelorette fans are pleased  that the beauty actually had a happy ending. The couple does plan to honeymoon but Emily does not yet know the details because husband Tyler is keeping it a surprise for her. The only clue that Emily has thus far is that they are going to a beach. By all signs it appears that the couple seems to be very happy together. Emily’s daughter and Tyler are very well bonded and that is may be what Emily is the happiest about. According to Emily,  “It’s a big change for her, it is just as much her day it is mine.”

By Erica Sandifer




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