Bret Michaels Illness Cut Manchester Show Short Cancels Albany

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Bret MichaelsBrett Michaels, popular rocker and Reality TV show star, cut his Manchester, New Hampshire show short Thursday evening and cancels the Albany May 31 show due to illness. Michaels, has plenty of die hard fans who have followed him from former lead singer for Poison (a popular 1980s rock band) and as VH 1’s Rock of Love Reality TV star. During Thursday’s concert Michaels was unable to continue after the bands third number. Pete Evick has played with Michaels for almost a decade. He says he had never seen Michaels zone out to the point where he did not know him. The lead singer’s blood sugar level was extremely low. Scary circumstances for Michaels, those who know him, and for fans witnessing his medical emergency.

Michaels, 51, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the early age of six and is reportedly very health conscious. Evick says Michaels stays on top of his blood sugar levels by checking them regularly. After Michaels left the stage, Evicks went to check him, and Michaels asked him to extend apologies to fans. He was unable to return to the stage.

Low blood sugar levels can cause a person with diabetes to go into insulin shock and can quickly become life threatening. Michaels is experiencing complications from diabetes and the Nora flu virus.

Evick says Michaels has performed while not feeling his best before and the band has to really work hard to get him off stage. Thursday night, Evicks says, Michaels had to be dragged off. Rest assured, for Michaels to cut a show short as in Manchester, or if he cancels Albany, it is due to illness.

The show was a triple bill which included, The Marshall Tucker and Charlie Daniels Bands, with opener Skeeter Brown. Michaels remains under doctors care and had to sit the performance out. While fans missed Michaels, the other bands played longer sets to make up for his absence.

Fans were given the option of catching the May 31. show, or refunding tickets not yet scanned by returning them to original purchase locations. Union Center officials alerted ticket holders that if they entered the concert refunds would be forfeited.

A portion of Union Center ticket sales benefit an ongoing effort with the “Soldier On” project which is dedicated to raising housing center funds for veterans. The center will be built on the grounds of Colonies former, Ann Lee nursing home.

For someone who is dedicated to both craft and fans, having to sit out scheduled performances is never easy. However, health has to come first. As much as Michaels wanted to make both performances and move fans with his popular rocker moves, there comes a time when listening to the body and recognizing when it is time to step back and recuperate, takes precedence.

While fans waited to hear word on how Michaels was doing, team Bret posted on social media networks thanking emergency technicians for the care utilized in getting Michaels to the hospital. If Bret Michaels has to cut a performance short, or cancels as he had to do this past week in New Hampshire and Albany, it is likely due to illness. He loves his music too much, to sell fans short.

Opinion by C. Imani Williams


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