Chelsea Handler to Lead First Ever Netflix Late-Night Talk Show

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Chelsea Handler, renown comedian and host of Chelsea Lately on the E! cable network, has made a deal with Netflix to lead their first ever late-night talk show. Handler has hosted Chelsea Lately for the past seven years and plans to draw the curtain on the show this August.

The release of this information regarding Netflix’s creation of a talk show has received mixed reception. While fans of Handler will undoubtably follow and support her in this new endeavor, casual viewers of Netflix question whether the idea of a talk show would thrive or flop. Netflix is the ultimate subscription site for streaming your favorite movies or binge-watching your favorite television shows and while the site has presented successful original works such as Orange Is the New Black and the critically-acclaimed House of Cards, all of their original efforts have been released with full seasons readily available. A talk show is presented daily or weekly and it raises the question of what the format for an original Netflix talk show would be.

Neither Handler nor the executives of Netflix have given any definite statements on how the show will operate on the site. No title has been released for the program either. A vague release date has been scheduled for early 2016, but Handler will be featured on Netflix quite a bit before the premiere of this show. On October 10 a stand-up comedy special, based on her best-selling book Uganda Be Kidding Me, will be featured on Netflix. In 2015, the service will showcase Handler in a selection of comedies stylized as documentaries.

Chelsea Handler, though rather successful and popular as a late-night host, expressed a great amount of unhappiness in working with E! network. As the only stand-out female leader in late-night television, Handler has immense amounts of financial pressure weighing upon her shoulders and according to her statements, E! did not put forth any effort to aid the star. During a radio interview with Howard Stern, Handler expressed her disdain for E! by calling it a failed network and “a sad, sad place to live.” Netflix seems to have redeemed her enthusiasm for the first time in forever with the new streaming talk show in the works.

Handler has been known as a woman who speaks her mind. On multiple appearances as a guest on other talk shows and radio shows, she states her thoughts as freely as a loose cannon would. Her last appearance on Piers Morgan Live proved to be an eventful exchange of words when video of Handler calling Piers Morgan “a terrible interviewer” went viral. Handler also expressed her feelings on the fact that Morgan’s show was being cancelled, which she believed was due to Morgan not being able to connect with or listen to his guests.

When speculation of Ms. Handler being a possible replacement for Craig Ferguson on his late-night program on CBS began circulating, she set the record straight when making an appearance on Ellen. Handler stated that working for CBS was not an option for her because she believes the network will make attempts to suppress her footloose sense of comedy.

As time goes on, Netflix will reveal more of the strategies for bringing Chelsea Handler to the front lines of this late night talk-show-styled project. For the first time ever, Ms. Handler will delve herself into the rapidly-growing industry of internet television. With her immense late-night TV experience and fearless leadership skills, Handler is well on her way to greater success.

By Cody Collier


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