Chris Brown Released From Jail

Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been released from jail. It is something he and his legal team have wanted to see happen since he was sent back to jail after being kicked out of rehab. The legal problems all started in 2009 when he was accused of beating his then-girlfriend, Rihanna.

The 24-year-old violated probation by getting into a fight in Washington D.C and was sent to jail. He entered rehab for his anger problems, but was kicked out in April 2014 for breaking rules. After that, he was forced to go back into jail while a judge decided his fate. It was up to Judge James R. Brandlin to decide, and he decided in May 2014 that he should serve 365 days in jail.

It seemed like bad news, but the judge took the time already spent behind jails and in rehab under consideration. Brown’s legal team had put forward the fact that the R&B singer had certainly improved his anger management after attending therapy sessions. He had also passed the drugs testing. With all that in mind, Brandlin decided that the time spend would be counted towards the 365 days in jail, and he would only have to serve the remaining 131 days.

He has not needed to serve the whole time. The 24-year-old is leaving Los Angeles County Jail 21 days early. Brown has now officially been released from jail, and is certainly happy about that. He tweeted about it as soon as he was released, thanking God and saying that it was time to get back into his music, hinting that he wants to put all his legal troubles behind him.

Hopefully, he will put his anger issues behind him. According to reports in February, the singer had suffered from bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and insomnia, which all led to anger management issues. By receiving therapy, being on the right medication and going through random drugs testing he has been able to get his life back on track. He can now handle the anger, and will hopefully not lash out as much.

However, there are still chances that he will go back to jail. He currently faces misdemeanor assault charges for the fight in Washington D.C. Over the last month, he has had to fly back and forth to Washington while the judge there decides whether he will serve jail time or not. The trial is also ongoing due to other factors within the case. If he is convicted, he could go back to jail for another six months. However, he could just pay a fine of $1,000, which is likely just what he and his legal team want.

It has certainly been a stressful time for the singer. During the last 108 days in jail, he has had three drugs tests and been to therapy twice a week. This proved that he was ready to go back into society, and will be able to keep his anger under better control. If Brown does feel the need to lash out now that he has been released from jail, he can put the tools gained to use.

By Alexandria Ingham


Daily Mirror


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