Comedian Kathy Griffin Goes Nude for Photo Shoot

Kathy Griffin Goes Nude for Glamorous Photo ShootKathy Griffin goes nude for photo shoot with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. In one photo the 53-year-old comedian is photographed sitting nude with her back to the camera and her fiery hair swept over her shoulder. Another picture shows the funny lady with her arms outstretched, standing in the pool while facing the camera. Tyler, who has worked with celebrity personalities such as Demi Lovato, Emma Roberts and Lindsay Lohan, said Griffin was one of the easiest and best people he has worked with.

Among the many shots taken Kathy also got edgy as she posed with a large knife against her face while she licked the blade showing off her bright red lipstick. Next for a more artistic shot, Tyler went for a black and white image with Kathy fully dressed, holding the same knife, and leaning against a mirror.

Kathy took to her Twitter account to tell her fans, “Sometimes my clothes fall off and I pose.” She left little to the imagination as she sat poolside with her “new” body exposed. Kathy has been very open about undergoing plastic surgery and took this opportunity to prove how wonderful she looks with her slender waist, toned back and smooth physique.

This well-known comedian’s plastic surgery has dominated her figure among other actresses within her age range. Kathy Griffin Goes Nude for Photo ShootKathy remarkably changed her face, reduced her weight and had her figure perfectly modified. She is a straight forward personality who has no shame in admitting the treatments she has received. In past interviews Kathy discussed liposuction for her lips, nose, brows lifted, facial treatment, breast augmentation, hair treatments and her skin refreshed due to chemical peeling.

Kathy has also spoken candidly about the reason she attempted plastic surgery. The comedian said she wanted to be young and sexy and wanted her wrinkles and loose skin gone. She not only wanted to look good for herself but also for her fans.

Unlike many other actresses, Kathy did not hide her disdain for her wrinkled face and loose skin; instead she chose the avenue of plastic surgery to make her pretty, sexy and attractive. The comedian also talked about the alarming results of her liposuction experience; after surgery she had to be admitted into the intensive care unit and swore that she would never take the risk of liposuction again.

There remains no question about Kathy’s talent. She knows how to impress her fans and what it takes to grab the attention of her viewers. On Sunday Kathy hosted the 2014 Daytime Emmys where she was seen in a stunning red Halston Heritage dress, jewelry by Erica Courtney and Gucci shoes. For the first time the in the 41 years of the award show’s history it aired online as opposed to being broadcast on television. This, however, did not stop the stellar host from showing off her spot-on comedic abilities and snag the award for Best Comedy Album.

The 53-year-old actress dared to go nude as she stripped down completely for the latest shoot by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. Kathy, who once was said during an interview, “There’s so much more to life, especially when I’ve got a young boyfriend and a new lease on life,” is nowhere near slowing down. When Kathy Griffin is in the room, nobody else matters. Her ability to produce hysterical laughter is only overshadowed by her fans’ intense desire to worship her like the comedic goddess she is.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Huffington Post

*Main Photo Credit: Tyler Shields

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