Death at Electric Daisy Festival

festival It is that time of year once more where different carnivals, festivals, and parties take place during the summer season much like that of the Electric Daisy Festival. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are known to attend events like these. Food, drink, and music are just some of the activities that go on during these large social gatherings. However, sometimes at these massive events things have been reported to get out of control. Individuals have been seen with bodily injuries, some of which have even put people within the hospital. Other people have been reported to participate in drugs and sometimes have drug overdoses. This time death occurred at the Electric Daisy Festival.

In Las Vegas, California a 24-year-old man met his death at the Electric Daisy Festival on Saturday morning. Reports say that the cause of his death is still unknown. The man was seen collapsing on the ground as he was leaving the festivities. Around 6am, it was said that he was marked dead. The name of this man, according to several reports, was Montgomery Tsang. Even though the reason for his death has yet to be discovered and announced, it is suggested that Tsang could have been subject to some type of medical illness. Some people, on the other hand, think that it might have been the use of drugs that caused Tsang’s death at such an early age in his life. Much of the festival crowd was not even aware of his passing, however, as the atmosphere was still alive and vibrant.

Insomniac Productions, the company responsible for organizing the event, stated that they were saddened by the tragic death of Tsang. They continued on to say that, even though the death was at the Electric Daisy Festival, the festivities will continue on as scheduled, ending on Monday. In addition, Insomniac Productions stated that the family and friends of Tsang would be in their thoughts, hoping that the other attendees would do that very same. “We ask that everyone here at the festival to assist us in keeping the event safe for everyone” they said in their statement.

It looks as though the people of this carnival are no strangers to incidents like this one. Tsang’s death at the Electric Daisy Festival has not been the only one to happen. Back in 2010, a 15-year-old girl reportedly died at the festival due to a drug overdose. Another incident involving the festival took place in 2012 where two people died, the causes not stated. Just last year two more people met their deaths at this very same festival.

Other than the death of Montgomery Tsang at the Electric Daisy Festival, about 250 medical calls were said to be made to the police on the very first night of the rave. Of these reports and calls, the majority of them held minor issues. However, there was a total of 5 hospitalizations as well as 29 arrests that centered around drug-related issues. One of the people attending the music fest, James Nguyen, stated that responsibility is something that others need to learn when at events like this. He went on to say that everyone attending the festival was there for a good time, that each person was responsible for taking good care of themselves. Nguyen may have hit the nail on the head with his statement. Hopefully, in the future, the Electric Daisy Festival as well as other carnivals will focus on the safety of the people as well as the festivities.

By Isis E. Stevens

Chicago Tribune
Rolling Stone
Los Angeles Times

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