Derrick Rose Will Not Recruit Carmelo Anthony for Chicago Bulls


Derrick Rose is not back on an NBA court yet, but his mouth certainly is. The Chicago native All-Star guard, who is awaiting his return from injury, had something to say about free agency. Apparently, Rose will stick to focusing on his recovering efforts. The 2011 NBA MVP will not be helping the Chicago Bulls in their efforts to recruit free agent forward Carmelo Anthony. Rose’s decision not to help in the recruitment process in the offseason does not come as a surprise, considering the point guard’s low maintenance demeanor.

However, his decision to speak about the situation publicly is peculiar. Particularly, when Anthony is set to meet with the Bulls on Tuesday. Rose will certainly not be apart of the Chicago Bulls sales pitch to woo Anthony. The injury riddled superstar was quoted by Yahoo Sports as saying it was “not his job” to recruit Melo. Certainly, Rose is fundamentally right. He is not a member of the Bulls front office and his job as player is simply to perform well on court and avoid trouble off court. Perhaps focusing on getting back to playing at a high level is more of a pertinent goal for Rose.

Rose quickly raised his stock in the NBA, after being drafted number one overall in the 2008 draft by the Chicago Bulls. The high scoring point guard took the Rookie of the Year award in his first season. Soon after, Rose would be named an All-Star and the youngest MVP in league history, at just 22 years-old. However, after tearing his ACL nearly three years ago, the acrobatic finisher has played just a total of 49 games since. Rose missed all of the 2012 season while recovering from knee surgery and struggled in the hand full of games he played last season. His rerun barley took off the ground before he suffered another debilitating knee injury.

The speedster tore the meniscus in his right knee, opting for another season ending surgery. He is currently playing five on five drills, but has yet to practice with the team for the upcoming season. With all the rust from not playing, Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibedeau would like Rose to play for Team USA this summer in Las Vegas. The training camp will likely serve as a tune up to prepare Rose for next season, hopefully loosening any kinks he has in his game due to absence. However, Rose stated to Yahoo Sports, he is unsure if he will be ready try out for the team in August. One thing Rose is sure about is his decision not to take part in the Chicago Bulls recruitment of Melo.

Thibedeau is a main selling point for Anthony. The former NBA coach of the year is highly coveted as one of the best coaches in the association, having led the Bulls to multiple 60 win seasons and keeping the team playing at a high level without its star point guard the last few years. However, Chicago is in dire need of a scorer to help Rose and the offense. Anthony is a former scoring champion and finished second in the NBA with a 27.4 ppg average.

If Rose can remain healthy, the Bulls believe they will be in contention for an NBA title. This appears to be the sole reason sources feel Melo is considering leaving his beloved New York Knicks franchise. The New York Knicks missed the playoffs last season in a weak Eastern Conference. Rose complimented the perennial All-Star forward claiming that Anthony is “a great player” and he is very fond of his game. If the Chicago Bulls fail to recruit Anthony, they will not be able to blame Derrick Rose. While it remains unclear if Anthony will even leave the Knicks, the ball is certainly in the Chicago Bulls court for now.

Commentary by Brandon Wright

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