Destiny’s Child ‘Say Yes’ to Reunite [Video]

Destiny's Child 'Say Yes' to Reunite

Destiny’s Child reunites as former members, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Kelly Rowland-Witherspoon, agree to join Michelle Williams on her new song “Say Yes.”  To witness the girls performing musically together was not only a rare and much-appreciated treat for the fans, it also brought back wonderful memories for the trio.  Michelle said working with her “sisters” again was amazing and very reminiscent of their years of working together as the mega girls group Destiny’s Child.

Michelle said she is so excited to have her girls with her spreading such a positive message for the world. The singer said,

When we get together we go back to the way we were when we were younger, always laughing and talking about things. Sometimes the director or production assistants had to tell us to bring it back home. It has been such a great moment.

The ladies have reunited their harmonizing voices on Michelle’s latest gospel song, Say Yes. This song is on Michelle’s upcoming album, Journey to Freedom. The now solo artist said the theme of the album is centered on her own freedom. It is about breaking free from whatever it is that has been keeping you from being the best person you can be. It speaks to her own journey of release from not feeling confident within and from the things which kept her from being her best; such as bad relationships, personal and business wise.

Beyoncé and Kelly are a powerful addition to the track but Michelle has no problem holding her own on this one. The song was inspired by a Nigerian hymn and the video version compliments with traditional African styled drums and choreography. The trio, in their second reunion, reminds everyone they still got it.

Michelle says she was moved to have them join her and it shows as they sang and danced together.  The ladies share a close spiritual bond, according to the singer; she has never had an authentic female relationship before becoming a member of the sensational Destiny’s Child.  It is quite clear that they have remained connected even after the group dissolved. They continually pause from their busy lives to share and celebrate milestones together.

Destiny’s Child provided a dynamic, provocative and necessary sound for the changing of the centuries while making their introduction the world as three fiercely independent women: Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle.  With unforgettable melodies, soulful harmonies and tight choreographed dance moves they set the music industry ablaze.

Destiny’s Child reigned between 1997 and 2005 as the world’s top-selling female vocal group; together they achieved combined sales of more than 60 million records. These ladies blended new school technology and fashion to an old school show business performance ethic while becoming one of the most successful and influential female music groups to emerge over the past two decades.

When asked how this newest reunion came together Michelle replied,

I had recorded my album when my producer, Harmony Samuels, said you need to do a song called ‘Say Yes.’  It is an old African song from around 100 years ago but you have to do this song. I said okay and had no idea of the impact it would make. Kelly heard it and said, ‘Hold up, there needs to be a Destiny’s Child mix of this song’ and just like that it happened.

Destiny’s Child excites its fan base as former members Beyoncé and Kelly agree to join Michelle Williams on her new song.  Say Yes is the first single from Michelle’s fourth solo album entitled, Journey to Freedom, which is set to be released on September 9.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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