Devious Maids Is so Deviously Delicious

Devious MaidsWhen Devious Maids aired last June of 2013 it was as if the Desperate Housewives void on TV was finally filled again. To fans delight, creator Mark Cherry had done it again. Devious Maids plot was so deviously delicious to the viewers that it came as a sad shock when the series pilot was not going to be picked up by ABC.

The interesting thing about the show is that instead of being dropped and left to die, as other cancelled shows do, Mark Cherry’s Devious Maids had a different fate. The show got picked up by another network, Lifetime after being dropped by ABC and it is now mid-way in its second season. With Eva Longoria on as Executive Producer, Cherry told Deadline that the actress was also his secret weapon, not that the explosive sleeper series needs one. Deadline asked Cherry if Longoria was ever going have a cameo appearance and Cherry’s response was one of delight to Longoria fans everywhere. “As far as the cameo,” Cherry said, “I want to use her at some point in the show.” Cherry explained that he wants more than just a mere cameo for Longoria. “I want her to play a big juicy part.” said Cherry.

The story evolves around five Latino maids and the relationships between the friends and their employers, the rich and eccentric. The cast is delightful and the story-line filled with melodrama and hilarious one-liners. Roselyn Sanchez plays Carmen Luna, Dania Ramirez plays Rosie Falta, Ana Ortiz plays Marisol Suarez, Judy Reyes plays Zoila Diaz and Edy Ganem plays Valentina Diaz, Zoila’s daughter.

Carmen used to work for a Latin singing sensation, Alejandro, who was a homosexual that was still not “out” to the world. In order to keep his star from rising, he asked Carmen if she would marry him to keep the homosexual side of him buried from the press. With Carmen trying to achieve a singing career of her own, she gladly accepted. Things took a turn for the worst when Alejandro was murdered. This tragic event caused Carmen to get a new job and she is now employed with Spence Westmore, who is going through a divorce. The plot thickens when his nephew comes to live with him after trying to commit suicide in front of murdered Alejandro’s home. The reason? The nephew was involved in Alejandro’s murder and begins to have a very unhealthy obsession with Carmen.

Rosie was working for two actors, Spence and Peri Westmore. Peri, who is the more famous of the two, is a Diva and basically self-absorbed. Spence and Peri are having marriage problems and before the viewers know it, Rosie and Spence have an affair. With Rosie trying to get her son from Mexico she falls under Peri’s trap. Though Rosie ends up with her son, she loses her job once Peri finds out about the affair. Rosie, then ends up getting a job with a new family where the patriarch is in a wheelchair and unable to speak. Rosie’s kindness and persistence gets him to finally be able type on a keyboard, get some motor skills back and even start speaking. Rosie, slowly finds out that this family has more than its share of problems.

Marisol, once a maid, is now engaged to Nicholas Deering, played by Mark Deklin. Moving in with Deering, Marisol finds herself inside a secretive and confusing situation when she learns that Deering’s maid, Opal Sinclair (played by Joanna P. Adler) has something over Deering’s head. At the end of Sunday’s episode, Marisol and Deering say their wedding vows in the hospital to Opal’s disgust. How Deering ended up in the hospital is that he got run over by Opal while Deering stood at the spot where his wife died years before at the hands of her lesbian lover and Deering’s maid, Opal Sinclair. The many side plots of Devious Maids gets even more delicious and devious as every episode exposes new secrets and story-lines.

Zoila is the maid of Genevieve Delatour, played by the one and only, Susan Lucci. Delatour is a rich, single woman who looks upon Zoila as a sister. The two have a very fun and interesting bond and it is such a pleasure watching Lucci play someone other than Erica Kane from All My Children. Delatour now is having medical problems and has been told by her doctor that her kidney’s are failing. Lucci is so refreshing and her character is hilarious and she certainly brings her own personal flair to the show. Zoila has met a new love interest that so far, seems to be a great guy. However, in a show like Devious Maids, viewers are just waiting at the edge of their seats to see what bombshell is going to come out of that relationship.

Valentina, Zoila’s daughter, began having a relationship with Delatour’s son, Remi, played by Drew Van Acker. Their relationship falls out when he remains in Africa and by the time he returns, due to illness, Valentina is already in a new relationship. Valentina starts seeing the pool boy, who is none other than Opal Sinclair’s son. Valentina works for Adrian and Evelyn Powell. The Powell’s played by Tom Irwin and Rebecca Wiskocky have one of the most hilarious relationships on the show. Though the couple acts like their relationship is based on anything but love, the last episode proves otherwise. After having a home invasion, the Powell’s hire a bodyguard. It doesn’t take long before Evelyn ships Tom to a retreat to get his nerves back so that she and new bodyguard, Tony Bishara (played by Dominic Adams) can have an affair. On Sunday’s episode, Tom trys to catch Evelyn in the act and when he does, the effect is far from what he, and the viewers, thought.

Though the entire cast is excellent, some shine more than others. All of the maids are fantastic and it will not take long before viewers gravitate towards one that becomes their favorite. However, Susan Lucci and Rebecca Wisocky are hilarious.

Devious Maids has gotten a second chance to air and with such deviously delicious plots every single episode, this is must see TV. For fans of Desperate Housewives, no need for withdrawals. Get cozy on the couch and tune in to Devious Maids on Sundays at 10/9c on Lifetime. Catch all past episodes online following the Lifetime link below.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw