Disney TV Sequel to The Lion King

DisneyDisney has had timeless classics for many years with its variety of children’s films. With movies like Bambi, Dumbo, and The Little Mermaid, it has touched the hearts of many generations. The characters and songs of these movies have made fans from every age group. In fact, some of the older generation can still recall some of the lyrics word for word to some of the classic films. One such film that numerous people enjoyed back then, and still do today, is The Lion King. The movie was soon to become very popular, capturing the love from all crowds. Now, it looks as though the loveable characters of the movie are surfacing again in the Disney TV sequel to The Lion King.

The Lion King was first brought in view in the year 1994. This means that it was about 20 years ago that the blazing sun lit up the colorful skies of Africa, sending the birds soaring, and waking up the land while that powerful voice broke out into song. After the first heartwarming film, two sequels followed in continuing the journey of Mufasa’s pride. The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride made an appearance in 1998. It seemed as though not long after that, The Lion King 1 ½ was created in the year 2004 which focused on two beloved characters, Timon and Pumbaa. In addition to the films, the Broadway show has been running for just about as long, having been created in the year 1997.

The Disney TV sequel to The Lion King is not something that will be seen on the big screen, however. It is said that this show will be aired on the Disney Channel as well as Disney Junior, reaching out its Circle of Life to a brand new generation. Coming in November 2015, The Lion Guard is centered on Simba’s second born son, Kion. This young cub is just like his father in the ways of being adventurous. Kion soon begins to find his own friends and, with them, other creatures in The Lion Guard. The purpose of this guard is to protect the pride lands of the savannah. Many old faces from the original cast will make appearances on the show such as Rafiki, Zazu, and even Kion’s older sister, Kiara.

Kion is the leader of The Lion Guard, Disney’s new TV sequel to The Lion King. Within his group there is a cheetah named Fuli, a hippo called Beshte, an egrat who goes by the name of Ono, and a honey badger called Bunga. These four are the newest characters to be introduced into The Lion King family. Disney Junior’s general manager, Nancy Kanter, stated that it will be something like a mixture between The Avengers and The Lion King. It looks as though the legacy of pride rock will continue for many more generations to come. Much of the older generation may also watch as the adventures of Kion and The Lion Guard take their rightful place in the Circle of Life.

By Isis E. Stevens



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