Doctor Who Returns in August and Takes a Deep Breath (Video)

Doctor Who Returns in August and Takes a Deep Breath (Video)

Doctor Who fans, rejoice — Season 8 of Doctor Who will return Saturday, August 23, on BBC America (8/7c), with Peter Capaldi finally making his debut as the Doctor. The feature-length season premiere of Doctor Who is titled Deep Breath, and besides the return of Clara Oswald — played by Jenna Coleman — another new teacher at Coal Hill School, where Clara teaches, will be joining the cast: Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson, from Gavin & Stacey, Emmerdale and History Boys). Catch a sneak peak of Deep Breath in the trailer, below!

Though Doctor Who fans got a preliminary glimpse of Capaldi’s Doctor in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in November, and another glimpse in the final minutes of last year’s Christmas Special, the August 23 Season 8 premiere of Doctor Who will be the first full episode in which Peter Capaldi, who has also starred in The Musketeers and The Thick of It, plays the Twelfth Doctor.

Peter Capadi and Jenna Coleman (Death Comes to Pemberley) are also about to embark on a whirlwind world tour this summer promoting Season 8 of Doctor Who. It will be the first ever such Doctor Who tour, and the biggest promotion of the BBC TV series in the 50 years since the show was first telecast. The pair will begin their promotional tour in Cardiff, Wales. From there its second stop will be in London. After that appearance, Capaldi and Coleman will proceed on to Seoul, then hit Sydney, Australia.

Following the brief tour stop Down Under, the actors playing the Season 8 incarnation of the Doctor and Clara, Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, will be in New York City on August 14, then they will wind up the roller-coaster tour by making stops in Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.

The actor playing Doctor Who for any given season has often made an appearance at Comic Con in San Diego during the summer, but a press release announced on Friday that Capaldi will not be at the event this year. This is bad news for Doctor Who fans in San Diego, but the Doctor Who World Tour will allow fans in several countries to see the actors playing the Doctor and Clara live for the first time ever.

Guest stars that will be featured in Season 8 episodes of Doctor Who will include Keeley Hawes from Upstairs, Downstairs and Line of Duty. She will play Ms. Delphox. Ben Miller, from Death in Paradise, The Armstrong and Miller Show and Primeval, will also be a guest star, as will Tom O’Riley, who has previously acted in Da Vinci’s Demons. Brit pop singer Foxes will also put in an appearance in Season 8 of Doctor Who.

In the video trailer below, fans can get an idea of what sort of temperament the Twelfth Doctor will have, when he asks Clara if he is “a good man.”

The Doctor’s travelling companion and friend, Clara, answers him by replying “I don’t think I know who the Doctor is anymore.”

That interchange is a sign that the Twelfth Doctor might not be quite as merry and easy-going as some past incarnations of the Doctor have been. No doubt he will remain as heroic as ever, but the Doctor has a heavy weight on his shoulders, as the decisions he has made in the past have cost the lives of both humans and aliens. He has always carried this burden, but it could be that in Season 8 of Doctor Who, the Doctor feels the weight of his guilt more than ever before.

The countdown has begun for the return of Doctor Who with the debut of Season 8 of Doctor Who on Saturday, August 23. The episode, Deep Breath, will likely set the atmosphere for the entire season, and give fans an idea of the direction that Peter Capaldi will be taking the Doctor. For a glimpse into what Season 8 of Doctor Who might be like, please watch the video trailer from Deep Breath that follows below!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

Doctor Who Deep Breath Teaser Trailer (YouTube)

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