Domestic Violence: Men Are Victims Too

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is something that is mostly commonly found among women. Stories of physical, mental, and emotional abuse can be seen on many sites across the internet and sometimes in the news. However, this is not an occurrence that only affects women. Men are victims of domestic violence too. Male domestic violence is not often heard of, but that should not suggest that it does not occur. In fact, men have it just as rough, if not worse, than women do. A wide range of skepticism is met when reports are received from men stating that they are being abused. It is a broad misconception that men cannot be abused because they can ‘handle themselves.’ Another misconception is that women are frail beings thus not being able to hurt the male at all.

According to one statistic, men make up about 40 percent of all domestic violence cases. In one of many studies, statistics shows that 64 percent of domestic violence calls made by men to hotlines were turned away with statements saying that the hotline only assisted women. Some of the hotlines that were contacted for this reason often referred men to male domestic violence hotlines. Most reports filed by men for domestic violence are often met with disbelief, ridicule, and sometimes laughter. Speaking with law enforcement about the incident does not make matters any easier for the victim because of these issues.

Another reason of domestic violence cases, in which men are victims, go unreported is that some women would more than likely make it seem as they are the victims. Physically, men are known to be typically stronger than most women. However, many men today were brought up with the teachings that they should never hit females. This is yet another reason many male domestic violence victims have such a hard time coming forward. If a woman tells police that she was hit by a man, even if the story is false, an arrest is instantly made. This means that the system is more against men than it is women. It also suggests that women receives more assistance and support for domestic violence than men.

In a recent video clip done by the British Charity Advocate, it shows that men are also victims of domestic violence. The video demonstrates that more people would likely come to the aid of a woman than they would a man. The clip made by the advocate organization shows two actors walking on a busy street during the day. The male is playing the role of the aggressor whilst the female cowers from his assault. People within the video are seen taking notice and step in as the situation between the two actors escalates. One woman is even saying that she will call the police whilst the other states that the female actor did not need to take the treatment being dealt to her. One man is seen coming to the aid of the female actor.

What is next seen in the video is role reversal. The female actor takes the part of the aggressor. The results seen this time are not the same as before. People on the street that are witnessing the violence taking place not only offer no assistance, but some are even seen smiling as well as laughing as though amused by the scene. As the aggression gets worse, still no one comes to the aid of the male actor.

Domestic violence is a serious subject. No matter the gender, domestic violence occurs more than people may know, every single year. Some people feel as though it should not matter if the complaint is coming from a man or woman because the act is still wrong. Men are victims of domestic violence just like women are. Instead of looking at the victim’s gender, one might come to the realization that the person being abused is, as everyone on the planet is, human.

By Isis E. Stevens

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